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help with supplement stack...?

Ok, so this is my first time ever buying supplements. I am very athletic. I was a state wrestler. I weigh 170ish pounds. My goal is to be 185. I was just wondering how long this will probably take and what you think of my stack. I will be taking:

-Optimum 100% Whey Protein

-BSN NO-Xplode

-BSN Cellmass

-Optimum ZMA

-Pride Nutrition Premium EFA

any tips would be great. Thanks.


Here is a sample of my workouts. Since I am in Marine option NROTC I run 4+ miles every M,W,F. Also lots of pull ups and push ups. I work core every day. Every time I work out I jump rope for about an hour doing interval training as well as do work on the heavy bag and speed bag.

Mon: 4+ mile run in morning, work out at night biceps and backs.

Tues: Work out Legs

Wed: 4+ mile run in morning, work out at night tri's and pecks. Wrestling practice.

Thurs: Work out legs

Fri: 4+ mile run in morning, work out at night doing shoulders and bi's again.

Sat and Sun are scattered work outs here and there.

I always have a full, balanced diet. I live in a frat. Food is provided. Some is unhealthy, but I do my best. Lots of fruit and milk.

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    Stack is decent on face value but since you didn't post anything about your diet, workout details and all that jazz it doesn't help much.

    One big thing I'm not seeing -- a good multivitamin. Where is it?

    Also you should throw in a little creatine.

    But you really need to concentrate on the diet aspect. Protein protein protein. 2 grams/lb of body weight.

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