Pros & Cons of Physician-Assisted Suicide?

I'm writing an essay and the topic is Physician-Assisted Suicide.

I'm looking for mainly pro's, but if you can give me any information on it, that'd be greatly appreciated.

I'm not looking for any negative opinions, just need some information.


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    Someone who is in pain and is going to die anyway, won't have to deal with any more pain.

    Someone who is in pain or is completely mentally incapacitated will not feel like or be a burden on their family (emotional burden of watching someone slowly wither away, financial burden of keeping someone with no brain alive)

    Consider the right of someone to die with dignity while their mind is still intact instead of being kept alive against their will because they are to weak/incapacitated to communicate

    And probably least importantly, more resources available for people who want to/are going to live.

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    1 decade ago

    I assume you mean euthanasia, these pretty much apply to both, although they're essentially the same thing:


    Provides an end to extreme suffering for some people

    Less potential for error

    Right to die


    The Hippocratic oath that doctors take that prohibits killing

    Slippery slope to legalized murder

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