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Some aquarium questions?

Just going to revive some questions I asked earlier that were left unanswered.

Okay, so after doing some research online I bought a 10 gallon glass aquarium. Currently, I have 4 plastic grass plants, 2 anubias, and 2 hornworts (not sure if this is okay to put in a goldfish tank though :(...) I rinsed the aquarium and 10 pounds of gravel thoroughly before placing it in the aquarium. After filling up the aquarium completely I treated it with 1 ml of dechlorinator. I have installed a TopFin Power Filter 10 for it, and I also have a MagFloat cleaner. I have a hood, and I use 2 incandescent bulbs to light the tank (this is probably where i went wrong, but the bulbs came with my tank and I couldn't find any fluorescent bulbs that would fit...) I have an aquarium backer picture, and I'm currently using Stability by Seachem to prevent new tank syndrome. I bought 25 worth of pH, Ammonia and Nitrate/Nitrite tests (in the form of API test strips, which I just found out aren't very accurate so I'll try to get liquid tests a.s.a.p), and also a gravel siphon. The aquarium has been running since Thursday. The water on top of the tank was cloudy (possibly from the Stability liquid?) but its starting to clear up. Some of the hornwort leaves are dying but I was told to leave these in the tank for cycling...not sure if this is the right thing. There is no fish in it as of yet, but I'm planning to keep one fantail goldfish in it once the cloudiness clears up (and buy food when i'm getting the fish as well)

I tested the water yesterday and today. Here are the results:


pH: 7.0

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0-0.5

Nitrate: 0-20


pH: 7.5

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0.5

Nitrate: 0

Again, this is with test strips which aren't accurate, but I just thought some people might want to know anyway.

1) Am I doing anything wrong? Do I need anything else, or is there something else I need to know?

2) How do gravel siphons work? Do I need to take out the fish while I'm cleaning the gravel or changing the water? I'm kind of worried about stressing the fish out.

3) How much should I feed a fantail goldfish, and how many times a day? I've found mixed answers on this one.

4) I had to punch out a hole in the lid so the filter could be there (I use a filter that hangs from the top of the tank). It was a cutout from my TopFin aquarium hood. However, there's some leftover space around the filter. Should I cover this up, because the fish may try to jump out? How should I cover this up, if I do?


Yes I did add something; the Stability liquid about 20 minutes before testing.

Update 2:

My hornworts don't seem to be dying at all; just because something loses a few leaves doesn't mean it's dying, correct? o.o They're both been growing nicely over the past few days, maybe a centimeter or two.

I assure you that I would have gotten Bio-Spira instead, but its not available in my area. Stability was the next best thing, I guess...?

I was really hoping for a goldfish, especially since I did lots of research and everything said 10 gallons was fine for ONE goldfish...never found anything about 20 gallons, how strange. I'll look into the minnows though.

Update 3:

Yes, I've been looking for better lights (that's why I said that was probably where I went wrong), just wanted to know exactly what size. =]

Update 4:

mwm0788, I can't find anything on the Stability instructions that says I HAVE to have fish in the tank, nor does it say it is even recommended. It only says that I MAY put fish in the tank during treatment time, which has a completely different meaning. So I don't really think I have "misused" Stability.

Plus, I've found that pet stores around my area use the same products they sell to test water for free. They only charge to buy the product so you have the convenience of testing at home. If test kits are pointless then it would also be pointless to get your water checked at all. Like I said, I'll try to get liquid tests as soon as possible. I've heard a lot about those being more accurate.

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    = ) i have the exact same tank as you! andi know exactly what your talking about.

    1. You need to get Full spectrum bulbs or grow bulbs to replace those incandescent bulbs so the plants can get the required lighting to live. basically, tube fluorescent bulbs work best.

    2. read the instructions. all you have to do is suck out the gravel ( while the fish are in the tank), clean it and put it back in. Leave the fish in. It is actually more stressing to be taken out of water in a net and put in a bowl or something, rather than to just swim away from the gravel siphon = P

    3. feed the goldfish twice a day( one in the morning and one at night) with flake food. go sparingly because goldfish will not stop eating.

    4. you do not need to cover up the leftover spot. your fish shouldn't be able to jump out of there.

    as for your tests, you can see that they have changed greatly in PH and readings. This is why liquid tests are better. Unless you added something to the tank (water, decoration, etc), PH should not change.

    As for the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, those should be continually going down and nitrate should be going up.


    I understand that someone who loves bettas wants to help, but she does not know enough about fantail goldfish to make a accurate depiction. 1 fantail for a 10 gallon tank is perfectly fine and will work great since there is biological filtration and more oxygen in the water thanks to the plants. Fantail goldfish are smaller than normal goldfish and get up to 6 inches ( which is the biggest ive seen for that species). general rule for space is 1 inch of fish per 1 gallon. since it gets up to 6 inches, it needs 6 gallons minimum for adaquate living room.

    for more info on a fantial go to



    plants that wilt leaves usually means they are not getting enough food and are dying. They will make less wastes of their leaves and grow better with better lights. Incandescent bulbs provide nothing but more heat, higher electricity bill, and more vision. There is no nutrience plants can get in thier light at all from them. This is why we recommend getting better lights.


    well i can tell you from personal experience that petco sells tiny full spectrum lights that replace incandescent bulb sockets. You can either get those, or look into a grow bulb.

    since you have the incandescants, you are probably going to want the smallest things they got. 10w or so.

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    Hope we can get you up and running.

    First incandesant lights are terrible for growing plants, plus they heat up the water causing algae and goldfish like it cold.

    Second, seachem stability is very good but if you read the instructions it says to use it only when fish are present. Plop in the fish and dose with stability and your good to go.

    Third, your tank is very sensitive to ammonia right now and plants rotting (even alittle) creates alot of this. Plants will actually help the fish cycle but when there not getting the light they need they shut down and quit feeding on the ammonia. Honestly get the live plants out

    for now. They could be the direct cause of a fish death.

    A simple light like a hagen life glo 2 will give those plants what they need in a low light setting.

    Forth, all test kits are pointless, if your worried all fish stores test water for free. Take them back get your money back.

    For success at this point.......

    Take out all the live plants and throw them out, cloudy water is harmless and called a bacteria bloom, happens when there is not established colony of good bacteria yet.

    do a 50-75% water change to get rid of any ammonia in the tank from the plants and misuse of stability.

    put in the new water and dechlorinator, let sit and filter for 2 days, Let the tank temp stabilize, go get your fish and drop him in with 1 cap of stability and half a cap for the next 7 days.

    During that time feed him twice a day but a very little amount and scoop out any uneaten food (very important). Do a 20% water change every 4 days for the first 2 weeks.

    Your good to go

    good luck!!!

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    1)You did a lot of research, but not enough on goldfish! They need a 20 gallon tank minimum for one. They get 8 inches long! I say go for some white cloud minnows and maybe some rosy red minnows. 6 of each and your tank will be fully stocked. Do not add fish. Do a fish less cycle. It is easier on the fish. Let the leaves that die die and rot in the tank and create ammonia. Wait until the ammonia rises, then the nitrite rises and the nitrate starts rising. Once the nitrite and ammonia are at 0 the tank is cycled. You need to do once weekly water changes once you have fish to keep the nitrate from getting above 40.

    2.You put it in the tank and fill it with water. Then cover one end with your hand and have the other sticking in the tank.Have your hand covering the end out of the tank and put it right over a bucket. then move your hand and it will start sucking water into the bucket. Leave the fish in, it is way more stressful for them to be moved than it is for them to stay there. Only remove 25% of the water per water change. You do not want to remove more than that or it can remove to much good bacteria and start over the cycle.

    3.Well, goldfish need sinking pellets to prevent swim bladder disease, but you should NOT get goldfish. They need a minimum tank size of 20 gallons and are the WORST beginners fish. For the minnows, feed them any flake food, tropical or goldfish flake, it does not matter. But twice a week give them a treat of blood worms or brine shrimp. They do like variety in their diet!

    4.Goldfish and minnow are not known to just, as long as it is ont large enough for the fish to fit through, do not worry about it. If it is large enough, cover it with duck tape.

    The water was probably cloudy either from a new filter or from the bacteria bloom and the beginning of the cycle. Also, please do not get a goldfish! The tank is to small. If you get the minnows, get 3 at a time and get 6 of each. You do not want to overload the bio-load and get all 12 at once! Get 3, then a week later get 3 more, then a week later get 3 more until you have 6 of each. Then no more fish. especially no tropical fish, as they need a heater and the minnow do not

    Good luck with your new tank!=)

    Please do not get goldfish!=(.

    Source(s): Good goldfish care sheet!http://www.petlibrary.com/goldfish/fishcare.htm This website gives a confusing way to tell the stocking limit of goldfish for your tank, i just go by 20 gallons for the first fish and another 10 gallons for each fish after that.=)
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    replace with fluorescent immediately i have this old 10 gal fitted for incandescents buy the 10W full spectrum these will probably fit. 20W do not fit my hood so maybe the 10w that fit mine will fit yours.

    Seems like your hornwort is dying, id throw it away immediately friends say its great but wait till you have fish and you can get all of it out of gravel and filter and tons of them fly around when you do clean up.

    No do not take fish out when siphoning just stick the vacuum in the gravel i tend to sift through it to get junk thats really deep down in the gravel.

    Feed the goldfish as much as it can eat in 2 minutes (if its stomach bloats up fast it for a few days or do 1 feeding a day)

    Dont cover up the hole itll look crappy and ive never had problems with it (research your fish first some are notorious jumpers)

    Also stability should NOT be used as a substitute for a properly cycled tank

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    The 1inch in line with gallon rule is bogus ive had a 29 gallon with just about sixty 5 inches and that they've been effective initially no pictus cat or pleco because of the fact they're going to get to special for a backside feeder get 2 coycats Her tank could have 2 or 3 neon guppies yet no tiger barbs because of the fact they're fin nippers and stay nicely in communities of 5 or greater to maintain low aggresion P.S. i've got had 2 tiger barbs in an area tank and a few days when I have been given them my 4 hatchet fish jumped and my black skirt tetra and my molly had ripped fins yet then they died in some month or 2 so i didnt might desire to offer them lower back

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