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Help on making freshman baseball team?

What things MUST i focus on? What should i work on the most im a right/left fielder and a 1st baseman. What MUST i work on that will improve my chances of making my freshman team?

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    Last year, I had to do the same thing. Unfortunately, I did not make it, but am going to try again! I will give you tips!

    First, my tryouts were inside, since I live in Illinois and it was freezing out! That made the tryouts kind of dull, and really didn't test much skill. One thing that you should do, is take pain! Don't be afraid of the ball taking weird hops, just get in front of it, and block it, mak sure it doesn't get by you! Try and field it first, but make sure the ball cannot get past you, that's the worst that can happen.

    Also, do not concentrate on aiming throws too much. If all you want to do is aim, then sometimes it will be hard to aim in teh first place and get the correct distance on the ball.

    Another thing that is a big part of tryouts (or at least at our school) is grades. Get better grades and the chances are higher.

    Attitude is another important thing. Don't talk when the coaches are talking. Eye contact at all times with the coach is a good idea. If someone misses a ball, instead of sitting there quietly, say "Stick with it, you can still get him!" Encourage others that make mistakes, the coaches will take note. If someone doesn't have a partner, invite them to join you. The coaches will see this.


    Baseball tryouts usually focus on all aspects of the game, so there is nothing you should focus on the most. Keep working with everything! One thing that you must work on is hitting.

    Good luck! I wrote a letter to a baseball player, and I told him I didn't make the team. I compared my story to his, when he had to redshirt at Cal State Fullerton, and made the team, and won the CWS! He was one of the stars of the team too, and is in the minor leagues now. He wrote me a nice letter saying how he had to work a bunch to make the team, and that is the key, to keep working hard.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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    Well you have to work on the basics.This includes ,hitting, or at least making contact and having a good swing,fielding,in the outfield they will put some of their best men out there because there is a lot of action,and base running,because you have to know what you are doing on the base paths.I suggest that for hitting you either swing off of a tee or you buy a Hit Away and practice daily.For fielding you need to work on playing outfield primarily then focus on playing first base.The coach will not start you at 1st unless you are a complete allstar and have a lot of experience.Have someone play catch with you daily so that way you can improve your arm accuracy for when you are playing outfield and don't have enough time to hit the cutoff man.Have the other person toss you pop flies and grounders.For running run a certain distance every day to also help you get in shape.Exercise this winter before baseball season begins, whether this includes becoming a member at a gym or buying weights to life daily.Check your diet and eat healthier.Always have a good Breakfast,lunch, and dinner.If you do eat in between meals try to exclude junk.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Here in our district, everyone who tries out for the freshman team makes the team. Getting to play is another thing. Concentrate on hitting, making contact. Also, never let a ball drop in your field, never stand and watch the ball drop, run for it, dive for it, make it happen.

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    Be very aggressive, practice sprints, gain arm strength, make accurate throws. For offense, you just need to practice a lot. Get a tee and net to practice your swing technique.

    In the next few years you will need to work out a lot.

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    Well if you bat fifth on your club team, then your probably gonna make it. Your high school team is most likely just gonna be your club team. It would also help you if you just made a roster of everybody who you think is gonna make it. Also, I cant really see you play, so its kinda a stupid question.

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    There are five tools that every pro scout and baseball coach looks for, arm strength, defense ability, speed, hitting for power, and hitting for average, focus on these and you should be fine

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    i also trying out for the freshman team this year and i would make sure your fast, you can throw hard, you can catch the ball well, and you can hit the crap out of the ball

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    catch the ball. don't let it past you.

    hit the ball. hard.

    love the ball. be a team player- coaches like that.

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