Obscure old Science Fiction film from New Zealand featuring a 6 wheel truck?

Many years ago, it may have been late 70's or early 80's I saw a clip of a film on T.V. and it as haunted me ever since, does anyone know the name of it? They said it was a Sci-Fi film made in New Zealand and it had used more scrap than any other film to make it, the style was a bit like Mad Max 2.

The clip I saw went like this: a sci-fi style six wheel truck drives up to the camera, the only features I remember was perhaps a sort of gun hanging about at the back and looking rather like those amphibious army trucks. The truck contained a few people, at least one woman and a man. They were dressed a bit sci-fi in style.

The truck stops and the driver takes out a star-wars style mono-binocular and we see his view digital style. They say that this train type thing is going to be attacked.

We see the low train thing passing through sandy dunes along rails and it has big sails to move it. Then these motor-bike type space cars start to leap over the train and men on the train run about. The sails start to fall and the train is attacked.

The scene ends with the truck driving away having observed all but done nothing and not been seen by the attackers.

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