Where Is Eddie or Edward William Flink Buried and was he ever married?

Edward William Flink born Sept 17 1888 Ogama Wi. last record found was that Edward W. Flink, was a Stillman at a gas station Empire Gas Co. Bigheart Ok Now(Barnsdall Ok.) He was listed as single white Male short Medium Built blue eyes light colored hair, at Strike axe 5 Osage Co. Ok June 5the 1917. Bigheart OK. is now called Barnsdall ok.

Bigheart was an Indian of Cherokee trive and he struck oil

at the Birch lake. In 1900 Barnsdall bough the town from Bigheart. So the town is now called Barnsdall OK. If anyone has any info on the Flink

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    So I take it this was the last record on him:

    WWI draft

    Edward William Flink

    born Ogema WI (Price county)

    City: Not Stated

    County: Osage

    State: Oklahoma

    Birthplace: Wisconsin

    Birth Date: 17 Sep 1888

    Race: White

    Roll: 1852065

    DraftBoard: 0

    Eddie W Flink

    [Eddi w Flink]

    Home in 1900: Roseville, Grant, Minnesota

    Age: 11

    Birth Date: Sep 1888

    Birthplace: Wisconsin

    Race: White

    Ethnicity: American

    Relationship to head-of-house: Son

    Father's Name: Simon E

    Father's Birthplace: Sweden

    Mother's Name: Anna C

    Mother's Birthplace: Sweden

    Marital Status: Single

    Residence : MacSville & Roseville Townships, Grant, Minnesota

    Simon E Flink 44

    Anna C Flink 50

    Alack L Flink 12

    Eddie W Flink 11

    Agnes A Flink 8

    Gisot A Johnson 16

    1910 looks like he's in Price Co, WI

    E W Flink

    Home in 1920: Justice Precinct 2, Wichita, Texas

    Age: 31 years

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1889

    Birthplace: Wisconsin

    Relation to Head of House: Lodger

    Father's Birth Place: Sweden

    Mother's Birth Place: Sweden

    Marital Status: Single

    Race: White

    Sex: Male

    Able to read: Yes

    Able to Write: Yes

    Image: 192

    Geo P Holtzer 46

    Annie Holtzer 46

    Lydia Holtzer 17

    Paula Holtzer 15

    Alma Holtzer 10

    John Stevens 58

    J H Johnson 59

    Chas Mixon 32

    E W Flink 31

    V E Hutchins 31

    J M Hutchins 27

    Jno M Battle 22

    D E Hutchins 28

    Joe Tay 56

    E Perry 41

    B Hardin 72

    Geo Thagard 24

    It's possible that he died in Wichita, Texas.


    Has some cemeteries but not all.

    Since he lived past 1910 he will have a death certificate on file and it might be in Texas.

    Go to the Texas Vital Statistics website and order his death certificate. Since you know his exact date and place of birth, this will help them find the certificate for you. You probably just want a verification of death certificate.


    If he didn't die there, then try Oklahoma, the next place would be California as these 3 were the most widely visited places by someone who lived in one of these states.

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