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What Alaskans have to say about Sarah Palin?

Still I think if you're a McCain voter you're probably still carried away thinking Obama's a muslim anti-christ terrorist so you'll probably not even understand the 'big' words these two girls are using.

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    They pretty much summed up what I think of Palin. My family used to have a cabin in Minocqua, Wisconsin and they just put a Walmart in there. Sad sad thing.

    Good video.

    It astounds me people actually think she has the stuff to be president. Ya, I know she is running for VP, but the VP needs to be just as qualified as the presidential candidate should anything happen. If McCain were to die, God forbid, she would be shaping the future of all mankind... this is a woman who needed 6 years and 3 transfers to get a degree in journalism. ITS RIDICULOUS!

    Intellectually McCain isn't that great either. He was at the bottom of his class at the Academy. McCain nearly killed himself and others while serving in the military because he didn't take the time to learn how to operate the plane correctly, like not knowing where the seat eject mechanism is. Compare that to Obama graduating sum *** laude from Harvard law.

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    big deal TWO women and Palin has 86% approval, which is unheard of

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