Why are Japanese interest rates so low?

I am doing a presentation on the Yen Carry trade. Can you offer any input/Resources?

We will be discussing breifly why Japan's interest rates got so low. Does the savings rate have anything to do with the rates?

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    Read up on the Crash in 1989. The Nikkei went from 39000 to 7800 over a 16 year period (a long slow death). It is currently at 9400.

    The central bank of Japan lowered interest rates to zero to spur economic growth.

    I would read up on:

    ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy)

    Nikkei 225

    Modern Economic History of Japan

    The Crash of the Nikkei 225


    Bank of Japan - Reseach Paper Page (very technical)


    International Monetary Fund


    the search function on this site is horrible

    Wikipedia is a good source but be careful because it is written by anyone and you may not get accurate data.

    I would start at those 2 places first.

    Also savings rates have nothing to do with this.

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    it's because they've been in a severe recession for the last two decades.

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