They changed my apartment building into a pet friendly zone without any notification, can they do this?

I have lived in this apartment for a year and a half. I just renewed my lease. I specifically chose a non-pet zone because I work nights and need to sleep during the day. There is now a dog that barks during the day living in the apartment next to me (just moved in). They changed our building into a pet friendly zone two months ago. No one ever notified me of this change. Can they do this?


It is owned by a very large apartment company. I'll have to check my lease to see if there are any details about pets in neighboring apartments.

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    It's their building and apparently they can and did do it. If you have a problem then take it to management, explain that you chose this complex because the didn't allow pets and didn't want the hassle of barking dogs during the day because you work nights and tell them that now there's a dog next door that barks all day long. Find out if they violated your lease terms if they did you might be able to get out of the lease agreement with no penalties.

    Even if they notified you there would be nothing you could do to stop them, it's not an HOA that requires a majority vote in order to change the rules. then again had you known you might not have renewed, you need to bring that to their attention.

    If the onsite manager isn't helpful go to the management company and property manager over the onsite residential manager.

    Good luck

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    Look at your lease. If it says pets are not allowed then you have a case.

    Usually the owner of the complex, in all decency, should have notified the tenants of this new arrangement as some people are afraid of dogs and some are allergic to them. And in your case you specifically chose this place so you could sleep days.

    Contact your landlord about this.........but what do you want to do...break your lease?

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    I don't think there's anything that you can do about them allowing pets but you can complain about the barking. I'm sure they make residents sign pet addendums explaining the rules for having a pet. Where I work we address barking situations right away and we've had people take their pets to stay with family because they can't control the barking. We've always been able to resolve complaints regarding pets so that nobody is unhappy having to listen to barking when trying to sleep.

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    Who owns the building?

    Does your lease guarantee a no pet zone?

    If the answer is they own it, and no guarantee in your lease, yeah, they can do it.

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    Looks like they can and did.

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