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Why do Republicans blame ACORN for everything?

The mortgage crisis was not caused by ACORN. The loans that ACORN pushed for were government backed FHA loans. Sure, some defaulted, the vast vast vast majority of loans that defaulted were conventional loans through large banks. ACORN backed loans only accounted for less than 1% of all defaulted loans. Furthermore, those loans were government backed and secured. The loans that caused this mess were not government backed.

For example, in my neighborhood of Northern Virginia, there are foreclosures everywhere. Not a single one was done by ACORN. How can you blame ACORN for this mess?

Furthermore, Do you get all your news from Sean Hannity and FOX?

Even more, why do you Republicans blame want to blame the poor for everything? You blame them for the housing collapse, you blame them for the poor economy. Why is the poor always to blame, or is it because the poor are black?

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    Republicans blame anyone or anything for all the problems in the world that they have caused.

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    ACORN bullied banks to give low income people loans, that they knew these people could not afford. Acorn lobbied Fannie and Freddie (government institutions) to back these risky loans.

    It is not all acorn, but forcing risky loans on these banks was wrong.

    Actually the staw that broke the camels back was and remains the price of gas. When gas rose to over $2.00 a gallon and upwards of $4.00 a gallon, people stopped spending, it was all they could do to put food on the table, feed, cloth, and pay monthly bills, because it was all going towards gas. They could not afford to pay their bills and have gotten behind. but it only takes a few bad loans going to people who cannot pay them to ruin a bank. These people were getting loans for homes ranging from $150,000 and up, knowing that they could not afford the $900 - 1500 dollar a month mortgage payment. If these people signed up for a variable mortgage rate, adn that was what many banks were doing, well those monthly payments start low, and then when time has come for their first increase, those rates doubled, so what was 900.00 a month is now 1800.00 a month. The bullying tactics of ACORN on the banks forcing them to give loans to people who could not afford to pay them back, has not helped matters in anyway shape or form.

    I do not blame the poor for everything, I do however believe that you create and are responsible for your own success. If you want to be successful, then you have to work for it, it is not given to you. You control your future, your success, it is up to you and you alone, you have to want to be better than a free handout. I don't mind helping, but I do mind being taken advantage of, when every person of every color can achieve anything they want to be it you want it bad enough. If not then you are just become a slave of the welfare system, and you are dependant on the govt. for everything. My Dr. is a black man, he worked and worked hard to get to where he is, it was not handed to him, nor is it being handed to his son who is also looking to go into the medical field. I think a great deal of my Dr. he is a good man, he created his own success, and has done very well.

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    easily, in case you cared approximately data, based on the CRA of 1993, it became community communities like ACORN that have been given the ability to ascertain if a lending business enterprise became no longer assembly what they felt became the desires of the community. If the gang desperate the business enterprise became no longer assembly its arbitrary standards, that economic business enterprise must be fined or maybe lose its license. asserting that ACORN did no longer play a area interior the fiasco is to deny actuality. Why are Democrats so against data and actuality?

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    Because William Ayers didn't do anything for them. ACORN is the flavor of the week. Once this loses traction they'll be turning over rocks looking for something else, anything to avoid issues.

    Source(s): The truth hurts
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    Actually, ACORN is getting a black eye for voter fraud. In Cleveland they registered the same person 27 times and another person at two different addresses and a total of three times.

  • give me a break about the color thing... income has nothing to do with color or race, sex or religon, so you shouldn't throw that in, that's just sad and someone looking for an excuse to get pitty for something you shouldn't get pitty for...anyone can be poor (what do you consider poor?).. oh, and by the way, not all republicans are white, per your speculations.

    Source(s): my brother, who is, my best friends husband, who is so, there's 2, and, for the record, they aren't "poor" either.
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    becus they forge ballots and register fake people??

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