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Why did Kennedy start the Vietnam War ?

Do you know why Kennedy started the Vietnam war ?

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    JFK did not start this war BUT he did escalate it after the bay of pigs his advisers told him he needed to stick it to the commies to show the US is not a paper tiger, he choose to start pouring US might in Nam he did not have to make that decision, He could have just invaded Cuba and fought the evil reds 90 miles off the coast of Florida instead he sent a message that the US was going to make a stand in Vietnam 1000s of miles away, in a jungle BIG MISTAKE!

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    Kennedy And The Vietnam War

  • The link will provide some more interesting facts than others have listed. President Truman funded 80% of the French cost before they lost. Then "Ike" added the advisers (760) JFK added to that, LBJ added to that and sent 1st the 9th MEB (Marines) to Da Nang (Feb-Mar 1965) followed by the 173RD AB (Seperate) (Army) in May 1965. By late 1967 the US and it's Allies (Austrailia, S. Korea, New Zealand, Thailand) along with ARVN and AFRVN had removed 2 full generations of N. Vietnamese men from the planet leading to the last charge known as TET 1968.

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    You may want to check out the PBS Documentary on the Vietnam war. The Vietnamese only wanted everyone out of their country. Their history is pretty sad when you read it. As early as the end of WW1 "Uncle Ho" had wanted help from the US to get the french out. Pres. Wilson refused to meet with him. Ho then went to study in Russia and China and the rest is history. It's a very good book. Or use the site below.

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    Eisenhower sent in the first troops and CIA after the French defeat of 1954. Kennedy inherited the war and didn't leave.

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    He did not. THe U.S. involvement there went back much further than Kennedy's administration.

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    kennedy did not start the vietnam war

    eisenhower sent "advisers" to vietnam

    kennedy sent more adsvisers to vietnam

    LBJ began combat operations against N. Vietnam

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