where can you preview naruto shippuden's latest?

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    you can watch them here http://www.narutowire.com/ or you can simply download them http://www.dattebayo.com/ the first site ever!

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    Well you can watch all naruto shippudent episodes on Myspacetv.com its really the most perfect place to watch them right now. They all get uploaded about weekly by this one guy named "Jon". Just type in like.... naruto episode 293 or whatever episode you want. Or if you don't want to be so much a noob, you can can go to google and type in Naruto manga. Naruto manga is the furthest along. Its way further than shippuden episodes... the manga comes out weekly and its directly from the writer himself! So its the furthest you can go which is awsome! =] well anyways i hope you enjoy! It truly is a great anime/manga.

    Source(s): myspacetv.com google.com
  • 1 decade ago

    crunchyroll.com you can watch naruto shippuden but it is not in English

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