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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

翻譯短文~ P.s:請別使用那些不準的翻譯網!~


有調查顯示,現在女生比男生長命的其中一個原因是女生懂得以眼淚去抒發她們的情緒喔。所以,請別小看愛哭的人! 她隨時會比你長命!

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    Many people believe that the tears of the girls is not a strong girl. But in my point of view, tears can not be linked with the firm. I am a very easy to shed tears on the girls, whether I am angry, unhappy or be moved, I always cry. I used to cry very loud, for fear that other people like me will not feel wronged. But now I cry when other people do not want to see. I cried not for others, I do not mean to comfort people ... but this is the only way to express my feelings. I do not like when I do not open for a time when others do not take a look at the ignored; I do not like when I was angry when the people get angry; I do not like when I moved when their suppressed emotions. In this way, I was weak as a family of girls. However, they can not always pay attention to my optimism, I am strong. No matter what later before bad things, I cried, always smiling face to greet people. That's not my Jiangyanhuanxiao, but with the same sense of laughter. I laugh because my feelings have been appropriate to express the heart of the unrest before it can put aside the.

    According to a survey, girls than boys now live to be one of the reasons for girls to tears to know how to express their feelings Oh. Therefore, please do not look down on people crying! Her long life than you will at any time!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Very many people believed that bursts into tears the female student is not the strong female student. But in mine viewpoint, the tear with strong cannot link up. I am a female student who very easy to burst into tears, no matter I feel anger, is unhappy, receives the move, I certainly will cry. Former I will cry very much loudly, likely will be feared that others will not be able to feel my grievance. But, present I cry does not think others seeing. I cry am to give others to look that are not lets the human comfort me intentionally…Is only, this is can express my mood method only. I do not like, when I do not open for time pays no attention to others; I do not like, when I am angry has a fit of temper to the human; I do not like working as I affected time suppression own emotion. Then, I am regarded as by others a weak female student. But, others always do not pay attention to my optimism, my strength. Regardless of before the young man in excess very bad matter, I will cry from now on, can always welcome the human by the smiling face. This may not be my forcing oneself to look cheerful, but is from heart smiling. I smile am because my emotion already obtained suitable expressing, in one side the heart restless could also put aside first it.

    Some investigations showed that now female student compared to male student longevity a reason is the female student understood that expresses their mood by the tear. Therefore, please do not despise the human who likes crying! She momentarily compared to your longevity!

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