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Read the following transcript of a message left on the voicemail of a courier company.

Write a report of the message for you boss.

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●Transcript of complaint

Time : 11.23 a .m.

Date : Tuesday June 4th

My name is Anne McMichael, I am the Office Manager at Toner and YOung Law firm, and i want to

complain about your courier service. Your collections and deliveries are often late, with the result

that we miss deadlines, and appear unreliable to our clients. I know the traffic can be very heavy

in some parts of the city, but a courier service exists to negotiate the traffic as quickly as possible.

I sometimes think it's quicker to walk! Last week we had a very urgent document to deliver to a

client to sign, but the courier delivered it at six thirty-five-five minutes too late!

This company pays a lot of money for your services, and for that money we expect a decent,

reliable service. If we don't receive this, we will have to consider employing the services of

another courier company. Please phone me to discuss this problem. My number is 0543-2988205.

Thank you.

------------------------------------ ------------------------------------

The caller's name is Anne McMichael, and she is the Office Manager at Toner and Young Law firm. She said:

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    One existing customer named Anne McMichael, a manager of a law firm, called on June 4th , Tuesday, 11: 23 am.

    The customer complained about our services being delay often, which make their firm appeared to be unreliable to their clients. The most recent issue was happened last week.

    The customer demand a phone call at 0543-2988205 to discuss this matter or they will end the services with us.

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