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More Than Likely, Barack Obama will be our Next President, Won't he Do a Great Job?

It looks as if Obama is on a winning streak, way ahead in the polls, he has went beyond Gore, and Kerry in past elections. I feel he will make a great POTUS because of his caring, warm, loving, nature and he is so American, by wanting the best for us all. Won't he do a great job?


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    Al Gore and John Kerry didn't have the luxury of having a recession as bad as we have right now. Unfortunately things had to get this bad for the brain dead masses to wake up. Obama will do just fine but he isn't in yet, we need young people to do more than just talk, they need to get out and vote. It would be really good for America to have a President that isn't from the normal mold. In any case who ever gets in will have their work cut out.

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    I'm not at all optimistic of the chances of Obama doing a good job. I do think he makes a much better candidate than either Gore or Kerry.

    I seriously believe that Gore went insane sometime in the last few years and would have been far worse than Bush. As for Kerry, I doubt he would have accomplished anything, which would have made him a decent president.

    My concern is that Obama will accomplish much, most of it bad.

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    Senator majority Reid will be running the show. Reid is faster and smarter than Obama. Nothing will happen unless Reid allows it. Pelosi can't even handle the Democrats in the House so she is out as a power leader.

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    On a winning streak? How the hell is he on a winning streak when the votes haven't been counted? You sound like you are infatuated with him.

    People like you scare me.

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    And your basing this on what his campaigning credentials? You must be, he has campaigned for more of his term as US Senator than he did doing the job that we elected him to do!

    Source(s): Illinois resident that voted for Obama for US Senate voting Libertarian 08!
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    no obama bin laden is so fake. acting like he cares about the usa. he only cares for his fellow terrorists!

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    Nope. If he is elected , I will be writing my Senator and Congresswoman in opposition every time he proposes anything


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    it looks that way so far dear and he seems like he will do a good job also

    Source(s): sounds real good dear for sure
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    Yes, although he will be inheriting an enormous national debt, an economy in shambles and an all time low world opinion of our country, I believe Obama will be able to turn it around and bring the United States forward into a prosperous peaceful future.

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    yes indeed.

    Dig, that's total BS. Sorry to bust your bubble, but Bush was ahead of Kerry from September on.

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