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Which camera should I buy, Canon 450D, Nikon D60 or Nikon D80?

I've heard a lot of feedback on the latest SLR cameras but the brands I'm really interested are the cameras from Nikon and Canon. The Canon 450D seems to have a lot of features I like but price wise I'm also considering the Nikon D40 or D80.

Can you give me a brief comparison with these cameras? Which one should I get?

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  • isl247
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    I'm a die-hard Canon fan. I'd never consider anything but. Of course, I've got a few grand invested in lenses, so I've got a little motivation to stick with it :)

    I love them all tho and will always recommend them. Go Canon.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    You will probably find a d80 at a good price at this time because of the d90's coming out. This is where the first answer is very wrong: Personally, I would stay away fromt he d60 because you are limiting yourself with no internal auto focus motor. What this means is that only lenses that have the built in motor will work on this camera. This limits you to the newer AF-S nikon modeled lenses and a few sigma lenses that have been built with an HSM motor in the lens. The D80 also has better ISO performance than the d60 which means that you are going to have a better time trying to take low light photos with a d80 over a d60. Im a Nikon shooter so I can't really recommend a Canon. My other piece of advice would be to ditch the "kit lens" that these cameras come with. Start off with either the 50mm 1.8, or a 35 1.8. Its all in the lens, so just make sure you have a body that can support some nice 2.8 lenses and thats the only big concern for the body. Lenses are the key!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I second what fhotoace said for the decision making process.

    For the most part, what I have noticed on this forum is that everybody is very happy with the camera that they have. That leads me to believe that either everybody did enough research to find their perfect camera, or all the Canons & Nikon cameras are great. My best guess is that you can buy any of these cameras and be completely satisfied with it.

    A thoroughly satisfied Nikon D40 owner

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  • 1 decade ago

    Canon is still the best terms of quality and handling. It also weigh less than nikon. if you prefer taking pictures of people go for canon, though of course it is more pricey compared to nikon.

    Nikon is the next best brand.. if you prefer scenery and objects go for Nikon. Nikon is also more user friendly and cheaper than canon cams. another advantage of nikon is the lens... any kind of Nikon lens would fit any kind of body. unlike canon which you most find the appropriate lens for the body.

    but still in the end.. it's not the cam that takes good pictures. It's YOU. it is still in your skills whether you can take good pictures or not, no matter what cam you use. :)

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    If it helps, here is a list of features comparing those 3 cameras side by side (the 450D is called the Rebel XSi in the US):

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  • wanda
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