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can a person survive TB

does TB stay with you all your life

Does your live shorten.

Can you get rid of TB from your body?

Can an anorexic person be more sensative to getting TB?

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    Yes, a person can be cured of TB

    No, TB does not stay with you all your life

    Your life does not shorten

    If you have latent TB, you are not contagious and not sick. The chance of a latent TB ever turning into active TB is 5% in your lifetime. Usually after many years you have an even lower chance

    Yes, an anorexic person can probably get TB easier.

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    A person can survive TB. Yes, TB says with you your whole life. There is no way to rid TB from your body but there are things you can do to keep it dormant. Any medical condition can make you more sensive to TV.

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    Look it up on My husband says there is a lot of easy to understand info there. Yes, a person can survive TB, but I think it somehow stays with you. Look it up yourself to make sure.

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    Yes, a person can survive TB if it is latent (meaning they show no symptoms)

    TB can stay with you all your life, until you die from it.

    Yes, your life does shorten.

    There is treatment for it, but some TB is drug resistant, I don't think it can fully leave the body, because it's a bacteria.

    I don't know if an anorexic person is more sensitive.

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