What is the difference between Animal Care and Management and Animal Science?

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    Animals Science deals mostly with agriculture animals, but there are a few that offer exotic animals, animal behavior, animal nutrition, etc.


    Animal Science offers students the opportunity to apply the principles of animal biology, molecular biology and other life sciences to a variety of species. Students can apply these principles to farm animals, exotic animals, laboratory animals and to their own pets...



    The mission of the Department of Animal Science is to discover and disseminate new knowledge about the biology and management of domestic animals; apply this knowledge to benefit society through the efficient, humane, and environmentally responsible use of animals for food, companionship, and recreation; and educate students for careers in animal biology and management.


    The Department of Animal Science offers dynamic and challenging undergraduate and graduate programs that cover a broad variety of fields including animal behavior, animal biotechnology, beef cattle, dairy science, equine science, food science and technology, meat science, physiology of reproduction, sheep and goats, and swine...

    Animal Care and Management has to do with the care/husbandry of animals. I did a search and most degrees were related to zoo/exotic animals. I did find one that offered a Animal Care and Management option within an Animal Science degree. And I also found a few courses on animal care relating to laboratory animals.









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    It may depend on the school, but the two actually appear to be very similar. Animal Science is kind of like a general major (much like Biology as compared to Zoology), where Animal Care and Management appears to be a specialization (like Zoology as compared to Biology). Both are about domestic, mainly farm, animals, though there are options for courses about "companion animals" and lab animals.

    Compare the course work from the first group of course options to the fifth:


    A lot of the choices of electives are similar and some of the requirements are the same. Here is the difference in that particular school:

    General Animal Science requires:

    BCHM 463— Biochemistry of Physiology


    BSCI 230—Cell Biology and Physiology

    CHEM 231/232—Organic Chemistry I/Laboratory

    CHEM 241/242—Organic Chemistry II/Laboratory

    CHEM 271—General Chemistry and Energetics

    PHYS 121—Fundamentals of Physics I

    PHYS 122—Fundamentals of Physics II

    Animal Care and Management requires:

    ANSC 446—Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction

    ANSC 447—Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction Laboratory

    AREC 306—Farm Management

    CHEM 104—Fundamentals of Organic and Biochemistry

    Animal Care and Management is softer on the chemistry and physics side of the field, where Animal Science is more hardcore (as biology goes).

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    Just looking at the names the first one sounds like looking after the living animals - like feeding them housing them their hygiene and life expectancy. I guess it would cover ethics in relation to animal cruelty if the college is a worthwhile educational institution also. This could lead to care of animals on farms on in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. You may also consider caring for endangered species using this.

    Animal Science on the other hand would be just that. Anatomy and Physiology. Scientific research at postgraduate level into the viruses and diseases that affect animals. It could also lead to veterinary science although there are components of care in this also.

    I think that you would need a combination of both. You need to decide on a career path first. Then contact the college and find out if the units that they have available in their courses are relevant to what you want to do.

    Remember the education system out there is a vast market. Be a bit ruthless in searching for what you want. It is your money and you want to get good value for the teaching that you receive. Too many people find out too late that they have bought a dud or below par course or subject.

    When and only when you find the course that suits your needs then settle for it. Before this go through all of the available colleges and check out what you can get.

    Good Luck for the future!!!

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