Comcast or AT&T internet?

Which internet provider is better and faster?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am not in a Comcast area (Time Warner is my local Cable provider) but I can give you some tips based on my experiences that hopefully apply to Comcast just as well.

    In general you should expect to get higher speed from cable providers. I am on the maximum speed for AT&T and I get about 5mbps, Comcast claims 12mbps and Time Warner is claiming more than that now so I would expect other cable providers to do the same.

    Time Warner also provides and maintains all the equipment (like it does for the cable box). If Comcast does this too then this is a big plus in their favor. If you have problems then they can just swap out equipment to help fix it. I had AT&T for over a year and after that it was up to me to buy a new modem. I still have problems with reliability with AT&T - for the last few days it's been running at about one tenth the normal speed and then it recovers - calling AT&T doesn't help because by the time you've gone through their diagnostics the problem has resolved itself anyway.

    One last negative point for AT&T is that you pay extra for it unless you also have your local phone service with them - which makes it difficult/more expensive if you want to switch to another phone service.

    The downside of cable is that they typically charge a little more for Internet - especially the higher speeds.

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