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Why help only 95% of Americans? Why not help all 100% of Americans?

Today we live in a competitive market and all my life I have always heard that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Obama states his plan can help 95% of Americans - What happened to the other 5%? They are Americans too, at least I thought.

Why wouldn't you want to help all Americans?

We are all suppose to be equal, this looks like separation to me, what about you? Are you that 5% not getting help?

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    Did you hear Obama today talking to a plumber ? he was telling him how he wanted to redistribute the wealth. Since 40% of the people don't work why should those that do work have to give their money to those that don't or won't work.

    The actual percentage of the people he says he will help is 71% what he should be saying is 95% of American families.

    I don't think that the rich will stand for this, they will simply quit spending and move their investments to tax free investments, they will make less but they will not be subject to all of the taxes either.

    When Ronald Regan was president taking over for Jimmy Carter we had double digit inflation, double digit unemployment and 21% interest rates, Regan reduced taxes to get the economy moving in the right direction and it continued until the dot com bust.

    Obama is trying to buy votes since the top 10% of working Americans pay 80% of all the taxes he is appealing to those that pay little or no taxes at all even going so far as to say if you don't pay taxes you will get a rebate.

    I myself would call for a taxpayers revolt where no one pays the government a nickle and then let Obama figure out how he is going to pay all of the bills. The rich should withdraw all of their money from the banks so there is nothing to garnish and then file a declaration of homestead on their property so that it can not be taken.

    Liberals seem to think that they will have more money to spend, this is somewhat true but with higher taxes on corporations these taxes will be passed off to the consumers meaning that you will pay more for an item after the tax increase.

    They must not be realizing that most landlords also have money, if they are paying more in taxes your rent will go up as well and don't forget your utilities will also go up as a result of these increases. Can you liberals really believe that big business is just going to eat the increased taxes ? Remember they have to answer to shareholders and guess what, the shareholders are rich people.

    Perhaps one or two of you liberals can now see that lowering taxes is the best way to stimulate the economy and lowering them on the rich and businesses creates more jobs so that you can afford to pay your rent or mortgage and feed your family at a reasonable price.

    You liberals still don't believe me, look at the cost of gas. Did the oil companies keep gas prices the same when oil hit $142 a barrel or did they pass that cost down to the consumer, are you paying $4 per gallon for gasoline now that oil is around $80 a barrel or did the oil company lower the prices ? I will guarantee that per gallon profit the oil companies was making at $142 a barrel is near the same as it is now that oil is $80 a barrel.

    Your head can be used for something other than a hat rack

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    It's all a lie about the 95% getting a tax decrease or no increase. Unfortunately, the 5% that are rich and they are the people that own companies. If Obama taxes them heavily, they will just close their companies and put average Americans out of work. Or they may just move the company out of the U.S.

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    Those 95% are the ones in dire need of tax cuts. What do you have against "seperation"? There's public schools and private schools. That's seperation. Some earn huge salaries while some don't. That's seperation.

    You INTENTIONALLY left out the FACT that the 5% Obama mentions are rich and high income families and individuals.

    Helping those 95% of middle and lower income families and individuals will also help keep those 5% from getting bankrupt. With tax relief, those 95% would now have extra money to spend... money that eventually ends up as the 5%'s profits.

    How much is the McSame campaign paying you to do these spam questions?

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    He actually thinks the 5% of the "rich" are going to provide tax relief for 95% of americans. Since 40% of americans do not work, that means they will get money from the rich, just like those who do work. A first grader could see the flaw in this, why cant the voters who follow the kool-aid king see it?

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    Obama says 95% of the American people will get a tax cut. How will he figure out how much of a tax cut he will give to the 40% of the population that pay not one cent in income tax? Is he going to buy their votes with this re-distribution of wealth? My family goes back to the founding of the colony of Maryland and my ancestors helped build this nation plus have fought in every war to defend this land. The clown ,Obama thinks he knows whats best for me and my family? I do not think so. He states that he is a christian but he forgets that the bible teaches that those who do not work do not eat. Remember sloth is one of the seven deadly sins and his plan not only is unworkable but encourages sloth.

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  • 3 years ago

    No. Infact the right 10% of earnings earners nevertheless pay nearly all of taxes. the backside 10% pay no taxes in any respect. confident, certainly they pay payroll taxes by using the 365 days-yet get decrease back a lot extra advantageous than what they pay in on the tip of the 365 days.

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    If you are in the TOP 5% and have not figured out how to make your money work for you, you must be a trust fund baby. Hire a good advisor. You'll be just fine.

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    People in the upper five percent don't need as much help.

    It's kind of like asking, "Why help only the victims of Katrina? Give us all free trailers to live in!"

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    Exactly! We should have a flat tax. None of Obama's ridiculous wealth redistribution plans.

    This video will probably only anger you further.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because there is a deficit of trillions of dollars which has to be paid by someone

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