I feel ashamed at myself because I watch porn. Help? ?

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I am 17 and have been watching porn ever since I was 13 or so. I have tried to stop watching it completely many times but its just like a nicotine addiction. I always make a vow to ...show more
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You are the only one making this decision. If you cannot change your thinking and actions on your own, then get help. Why?

Because when you get older, have a family of your own and a wife of your own, you will have serious problems if you are still looking at such stuff.

You have an addiction, so get help, like everybody with any addiction should do.

You have something positive going for you, you see it is a problem and are asking for help. I commend you for that. But do not stop there. Get the help you need now and start making your life more happier and less guilty.
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  • latte81 answered 6 years ago
    I don't think the act of watching porn is necessarily wrong but, when it becomes an addiction that's where the problem lies. If you watch it occasionally then that isn't a problem so much.
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  • Lilith Raven answered 6 years ago
    It's quite normal.... I'm a woman old enough to be your mother & I watch it....

    People will judge me for this but seriously, as long as you can still work/go to college & it's not harming anybody what is the problem?...
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  • Nothing is wrong with porn..i watch it..and im a girl.
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  • ares_stronghold answered 6 years ago
    I'll be completely blunt and straightforward here. Relax. You're beating yourself up unnecessarily. I did the same thing when I was your age (and younger). I'd masturbate and then feel terrible about it so I'd swear "never again"... until the next time.

    As I grew up (which some of the other respondents apparently still need to do) I realized that in and of themselves, porn and masturbation aren't a problem, aren't wrong, and don't necessarily lead to problems. I'm now in my 30's and still look at porn and still masturbate on an almost daily basis. I'm also happily married for over 12 years and we have a stronger relationship and a better sex life than anyone I know. As long as you aren't doing anything that's going to adversely affect your relationships (on either a physical or an emotional level) then you're fine. If you're not in a relationship anyway then it isn't anyone's business but your own.

    You're not letting *anyone* down. Really. Life has enough challenges without looking for ways to get stressed out over perfectly normal behavior.
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  • da_hal answered 6 years ago
    don't worry. it will slow down once you get bored of it. after a while, it all looks the same, and even new porn isn't as good as what you remember when it was still fresh and new to you.

    Here's something i told my friends recently (i'm 35): "When I was young, I never thought my hormone level would decrease. Now, i'm lucky if i've got 2 hormones to rub together."
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  • Missing answered 6 years ago
    Porn is fine and healthy (I hope!). I'm 31 and haven't had any adverse effects.
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  • rooney answered 6 years ago
    it's probably happens a lot at your age. Are you sexually active? Stop feeling so guilty about it, your hormones are going crazy and you're just curious.
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  • C_DOGG answered 6 years ago
    I think Banana Burst is awesome!
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  • UMU answered 6 years ago
    Joke: Don't get married, it'll go away for awhile then come right back...

    Serious: Is it bad for you because of your and your parents religious beliefs? Sex itself is a natural thing. Our body is made to want to reproduce. Especially at night and right when you wake up. Wet dreams are also natural, so again do not feel bad about this.

    Do not be ashamed to talk about sex or masturbation with your parents. Your parents will support you and encourage you. Make goals to reward yourself for non viewing. I know you're not a dog, but if you cannot associate the lack seeing porn with another type of reward, then the process will never end. Start with physical and not mental rewards. The reward of "God will be more happy with me" will not work long term until much later - mental reward.

    Start goals small at first, like a weekly reward - something you already do all the time, but can put off. Then after you do this for awhile you can set a monthly goal. Like every month you do not watch porn, you can go see a regular movie at the theater. Make a sheet of paper with check boxes for every day. Every time you get the urge, repeat to yourself, "No I won't do it. I am asserting my real will." If the urge continues, do 20 push-ups and think about how you want to check today's box on the paper.

    Just remember to stay positive, and do not be down. You will need a high self esteem to succeed.
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  • texas boi answered 6 years ago
    im 13 turning 14 and i have the same problem i feel as if i am letting down my parents and God i try to stop but its hard
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  • unsung hero answered 6 years ago
    First off, I am so proud of you for trying to stop. It is a difficult thing to do. Porn is actually an addiction, and can become a disease for some people. Just remember that you are human and we all have slip ups but the important thing is to keep striving for what it is you want and you will eventually get there.

    If you really do feel like it is a serious problem in your life you can always try a counsellor.
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  • helpyouhelpmehelp answered 6 years ago
    How to avoid porn addiction on the Internet

    1. Consider installing porn content filtering software( Strongly Recommend NetDog ,you can get it from www.netdogsoft.com ) on your computer. it will help to protect you from stumbling into pornography by accident, That's important.

    2. Do not try to guess what the address of a Web page is. Many pornographic sites have similar addresses of respectable sites. For example www . whitehouse . com is a porn site. The real address is www. whitehouse . gov

    3. Never click on Web site addresses that you receive in an unsolicited email.

    4. Do not open attachments that come in email that are unsolicited.

    5. Use filtered search engines or reputable directories to find the information you need.

    6. Do not search for terms like girls. Think before you enter a search term.

    Stick with reputable sites.
    If something looks questionable, don't let curiosity get the best of you. Delete it or close the window.

    Internet Porn Filter Software Resource : http://www.netdogsoft.com
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