8th grade homework help?

We have to do a weekly work sheet called "warm ups." Here are the problems I haven't done yet. I need at least 7/10 done to turn in tomorrow, but if anyone can figure out the other ones, more than 7 will increase my chances of passing the homework. So please help if you know the answer. When you go to write it, please write the number next to it. Thanks!

1. The faces of a cubical die are each labeled with a different prime number, and each of the six smallest prime numbers (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13) is on exactly one face of the die. The die will be rolled twice. What is the probability that the product of the two numbers rolled will be even? Express your answer as a common fraction.

2. What is the area of a triangle with vertices at (0,2), (3,2), and (3,0) on the coordinate plane?

3. Gary can select any positive integer between 23 and 98 and write it as "AB" with the tens digit A and the ones digit B. When he subtracts the sums A+B from his integer, the difference will be a new two-digit integer, "JK." What is the value of J+K?

4. During the Great Falls Marathon, 50% of the runners dropped out before reaching the first water station. By the second water station, 1/3 of the remaining runners dropped out. At the third water station, 25% of the remaining runners dropped out. By the fourth water station, 90% of the runner dropped out. If the remaining six runners finished the marathon, how many runners started the race?

6. Jo's circular wheel needs to complete eight full rotations, or 8x360=2880 degrees, to roll 12 meters. How many degrees must the wheel rotate to roll 0.5 meters?

9. A rectangular garden is 10 feet by 4 feet. A gravel border with uniform width along the sides and 90 degrees corners surrounds the garden, as shown. The area of the gravel border is six times the area of the garden. What is the perimeter of the outside of the gravel border?

10. In the figure shown, segments AB and CD are parallel. What is the sum of the measurezs of angels BAE, AEC, and ECD?

(And here is the picture of the firgure: http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh319/og_1995/h...

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