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Albino frog keeps sitting on surface of water - is this normal?

I dont really have a whole lot experience with frogs. A while ago, we got a dwarf clawed frog that lives in our aquarium with tropical fish, and he usually likes to hide a lot, and is mostly at the bottom of the tank somewhere. Today we just bought an albino frog, and ever since we put him in the tank, he constantly sits on the surface of the water. Is this normal for albino frogs? Why do they do that? Does he need more oxygen than the other frog or something?


I forgot to mention that when we saw him in the tank at the store, he was sitting at the bottom of the tank, and also when we transported him home, he was below the surface for the most part.

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    Woah! Hold on, stop.

    Is the albino frog an African Clawed Frog? If so, get him out of the tank if you still have the Dwarf. ACFs will kill and eat their little cousins!

    Also, he could just be a really lazy frog. Dwarfs like to hang around on the surface if they have a tank of their own; they're lazy sometimes, floating to the top in a "zen pose." I wouldn't worry about him unless he stays like that for hours on end.

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