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Fly London to San Francisco. San Diego to London. Do airlines do this or do i book 2 single flights?

Hey Guys,

Need some advice!! For my Honeymoon I want to fly to San Francisco from London, England, but fly home from San Diego.....

Does anyone know of any airline that does this? Or do I have to book two single flights?


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  • John L
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    1 decade ago
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    You can do it on one "open jaw" ticket as someone else mentioned, except for the minor detail that there aren't flights from San Diego to London any more.

    You can take a short commuter flight from San Diego to Los Angeles, and fly back to London from there with BA or United, or you can connect back through San Francisco or Denver on United.

    Another possibility, assuming you have a rented car, is to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles and fly from LAX. I've done that, it's a straightforward two-hour trip up the freeway. I'd fly Virgin to San Francisco and back from LAX, since I like their onboard service.

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  • Mike
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    1 decade ago

    Most definitely. I would call the airline and book it over the phone, just to make sure it gets processed the proper way.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Of course, they do it!

    It is called "open-jaw"

    It will read

    LON/LHR (if Heathrow) > SFO

    SAN > LHR

    Use any of the following sites and go to multiple cities:

    Please check:


    a- use flexible dates

    b- use alternative airports

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