Olympus camera lens fell off, need help putting it back on?

I have an Olympus c-4000 zoom camera in my possession, and I am attempting to repair it for someone.

He said he dropped it, and now the zoom lens (two whole pieces) has fallen off and I cannot get it back on. I have tried looking for camera repair shops in my area, but they are all closed down.

I can get the inner piece of the lens inside and attached, but I am having a hard time attaching the outer shell back onto it.

Please help me!

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    1 decade ago
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    Hello Emerence,

    Sorry about your friend's camera... but as far as you being able to repair it..... probably not going to happen.

    The lens would not have fallen off if something had not broken inside the barrel of the lens, meaning a part would have to be ordered. 1. YOu do not know which part is needed. #2. Olympus only sells parts to authorized professional repair technicians. So on both counts, it makes it impossible for you to try to fix it. There are so many tiny springs and do-dads inside of that camera that once you open it and some of those parts fall out, you might as well just toss it into the garbage.

    You will either have to give it back to your friend as is, or look around in a city close by for a camera repair.

    Even if you were to be able to find a repair shop, chances are, the repair would cost at least $150.00. I don't mean to discourage you, but truth of the matter is, camera repairs are best left to camera repair technicians.

    Thanks for reading.


    Employed at a camera REPAIR facility in Houston, Texas

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