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Title help please (for my book)?

I just completed my first 240 page Christian novel and I am having a hard time trying to come up with the title.

I started this book just calling it a project but I became more engrossed in it and it has brithed into a book that I am very proud of.

I've tried to write a small caption of it and I'm still not making much progress.

My book is about four women that have been longtime friends. (Denise, Jordan, Cassandra and Lisa) Denise gets married and the other three are searching for love but Lisa in particular (the youngest one in the bunch) is so hungry for love, every man she comes across she gives attention to. The other two friends (Jordan & Cassandra) eventually find love. Lisa finally toned down her anxious attitude and focused on her relationship with God. (All the girls form a pact and hold out on sex until marriage).Denise's husband Carlton, has a best friend Porter from college that cheats on his wife of eight years and unknowingly sleeps with a prostitute. Porter gets Aids (of course he contracts HIV first) and his wife Dana become contracted with Aids too. Custody of Porter's two little girls is awarded to Dana's parents Carlton also has two brothers Nigel and Luke who one day got into a tragic car accident and the person that caused the accident (elderly man that suffered from seizure behind the wheel) died on the scene. Nigel feels so bad about the elderly man passing away that he decides to leave his career and relocate to put the troubles of the accident behind him. In the midst of him trying to get away, his meddlesome mother reads him his rights and tells him that he needs to get help and face the music instead of running away from the occurance.

The reason I wrote this book is because being a Christian myself, I wanted to enlighten so many single women & men out here about the innocense of love but how you can get so entangle in it you sometimes end up hurt and scarred for life.

This book brings to surface many things that happen today with young men and women in society weather in church or not, I look at it as a reality that can reach teens, young adults, women and men.

It's not all churchy, it just deals with real life issues and how sometimes our unsought decisions has us paying in the end.

Any ideas?

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    1 decade ago
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    I can share your feelings. I always write stories and wait until I finish writing to create. I cannot give you a title. I am not the writer, therefore, I have no right. However, I will give you a personal resource. No, it is not a URL or anything like that. It is a personal preference. Follow these steps and I guarantee you, you will find your title within five days. That's right! Five days. It has helped me a number of times and I am also certain that it can help you as well.

    1. Put your book away for 2 days

    2. Try to forget that you even wrote the story. Engage in any activity that is not related to writing or reading (sports are pretty cool to try out or exercise)

    3.On the four day, get out your Writer's Bible (I will further explain @ the end) and highlight your favorite parts- not what others believe to be the best parts. You must trust your own judgment first.

    4.On a piece of paper, write down at least half of the quotes/scenes that you highlighted (the less you highlight, the easier it will be to find your title) If your book is separated into chapters or sections, may sure that you put these labels first. You do not want to review your brilliance later only to find out that you have no idea where you retrieve your info.

    5. Out of all that highlight material, what words spark your interest? Make a list. Try to limit it between 5-10 words. I know, almost impossible, right? But it does work better this way. It forces you to think.

    Just in case you are a little bit lost (I know I am talkative) I am still on day four.

    6. Review your Writer's Bible Favorites List, your list of word choices, and memorize those that you find the most intriguing. If you have terrible memory, write it down on a piece of paper, review it five times before placing it under your pillow later that night.

    Now we are on day 5. Bare with me.

    7. Day 5- Wake up and look under that pillow and without thinking about the words (do not think- this will ruin the process) form a sentence. It does not have to make sense. It just has to be a sentence.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, write this sentence on the back of that same paper. You do not want to make the attempt to think. So, avoid using tracing paper, obviously that will not work.

    8. OK, there isn't a "eighth step." I just created one. The eighth step is to answer me back. You do not have to tell me the title if you do not wish to do so, but just let me know how it worked out for you. Fill free to spread the good news if the method work

    From a fellow writer


  • 1 decade ago

    Face the Music


    Not to Damaged

  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds like a very interesting book. But man I can't think of any titles at the moment sorry ~_~!

  • 1 decade ago

    I got help with my title on this writing site called

    Good Luck!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tangled up by love

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