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The USSR had two news agencies. One was Tass; what was the other?

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Other? Please tell me the other Soviet news agency.


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    TASS was the only Soviet news agency. There were two major newspapers: Pravda and Izvestia. Pravda was the newspaper started by Lenin.

    To the credit of ABC, it was the only network which had a reporter based in Moscow who could speak fluent Russian. Her name is Ann Garrelts. When Soviet authorities found out she knew the language they had her deported.

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    I don't recall there being a second news agency as such. Pravda was the official newspaper of the Soviet Union, but Tass was the news agency. And when you're talking about news agencies, you're not talking about organizations like ABC and CNN. You're talking about UP and Reuters.

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    The New York Times.

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    The second was APN (Агентство печати "Новости" / Novosti Press Agency)

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