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Help? Famous Equestrians?

So I have been riding for eleven years, and I want to continue riding as a career. However, upon telling my father this, he told me I was being "unrealistic" and that no one rides and is able to own horses. So I want to send him a list of people who have made their careers from riding (but were not born into it). Do you think you all could help me out? Just with suggestions of people, and info on how they started, their claim to fame, things holding them back, etc. I just want to prove to him that my horseback riding is serious, and he should take it that way.

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    Here is a list (just a few tooooo many to list)just for the people who are making a living with Morgan horses.

    Hope this helps you!

    AMHA Honors - Man and Woman of the Year Honorees

    1964: Donald Balch and Jeanne Mellin Herrick

    1965: Gordon Voorhis and Anna Ela

    1966: Dr. Hank Boyd and Connie Barton

    1967: Prof. L.V. Cy Tirrell and Gloria Jones

    1968: Deane Davis and Polly Bee

    1969: Fred Herrick and Frances Schaeffer M.D.

    1970: Lawrence Appley, Lyman Orcutt and Mary Woolverton

    1971: Leo Beckley and Mrs. Archibald Cox

    1972: Rober Orcutt and Nancy Caisse

    1973: Dr. C.D. Parks and Mabel Owen

    1974: Rober Morgan and Doris Ryan

    1975: John Quagliaroli and Marilyn Childs

    1976: Boyd Stewart and Ginny Muse

    1977: Stuart Hazard and Ruth Orcutt

    1978: James Wigle and Mildred Junk

    1979: Dr. Albert Lucine and Helen Greenwalt

    1980: Leonard Wales and Margaret Gardiner

    1981: Darwin S. Morse and Lee Ferguson

    1982: J. Roy Brunk and Margaret Hutchinson

    1983: Dana Wingate Kelley and Margaret Ferguson

    1984: Robert Baker and Frances Bryant

    1985: James C. Brown and Georgie Green

    1986: Robert Epperson and Gloria Epperson

    1987: Raymond T. Gifford and Polly S. Quinn

    1988: W. Dayton Sumner and Martha V. duPont

    1989: Roy Honstein and Nancy Eidam

    1990: Darwin Olson and Marlene Farabee

    1991: Frederic Dorwart and Elberta Honstein

    1992: Philip M. DuBois and Gloria Jones

    1993: Robert Brooks and Barbara Rudicel

    1994: Arthur Perry, Jr. and Jane Blue

    1995: John Green and Joy Platz

    1996: Robert Fraunfelder and Mary Jean Vasiloff

    1997: Steven Davis and Peggy J. Hatfield

    1998: George Arnold and Katrina Wood

    1999: Calvin D. Hanson and Ellen Di Bella

    2000: Leland Sadler and Ruth Sadler

    2001: Robert D. Riley and Kathie Horman

    2002: John William Crawford and Sherry Cole

    2003: Robert Morgan and Karen Homer Brown

    2004: Jeffrey Morse and Anne Speck

    2005: Jim Stewart and Anne Brown

    2006: C. A. "Tony" Lee III and Christine Cassenti

    Golden Reins Award Honorees

    1995: Jeanne & Fred Herrick, Barbara Irvine, Bob & Judy Whitney, Ted Willrich, Mary Woolverton

    1996: Marilym Childs, Harold Childs, and Betty Greene

    1997: Thomas Butler

    1998: Bill Parker

    1999: Thomas Caisse, Martin Cockriel, H. Edwin Earehart

    2000: Robert Lewis, Nancy Eidam, William Chambers

    2001: Larry Bolen, John Diehl, Mike Goebig

    2002: Joan Bowers, Doosie Cole, Marjorie Riding

    2003: Ann Anderson, Susan Martin, Milo Measel, Pat Tataronis

    2004: G Richard Jeffery, Judith Nason, Vicki Smith, Ivan "Red" Wolverton

    2005: Susan Parks Morgan, S. Robert Orcutt, Kathryn Schwartz, Bonnie Sogoloff

    2006: Tim and Jean Arcuri, David Earehart, Timothy & Jane Morrell, Jean Sauer

    AMHA Honors - Hall of Fame Award Honorees

    1985: Dr. Henry P. Boyd, Jean Diamond, Helen Greenwalt and W. Robert Morgan

    1986: Leo H. Beckley, Anna D. Ela, John J. Lydon, Dr. D. Robert Orcutt, Clarence E. Shaw, Gordon Voorhis and Robert l. Whitney

    1987: Donald J. Balch, Evelyn V. Harrod and Dorothy Lineweaver

    1988: Lawrence A. Appley, Deane C. Davis and Stuart G. Hazard

    1989: Jeanne Mellin Herrick, Dean C. Jackson and Dr. C.D. Parks

    1990: Dr. Albert A. Lucine, Jr. and James D. Wigle

    1991: Miss Margaret Gardiner, Ruth Orcutt and W. Lyman Orcutt

    1992: Robert A. Epperson, J. Cecil Ferguson and Margaret Ferguson

    1993: Cecil R. Brown, Adelaide Connolly and Mary C. Woolverton

    1994: Josephine B. Haas and Polly S. Quinn

    1995: Susan Power Annis, Herbert V. Kohler, Gloria Jones and Phillip Morrison

    1996: Mabel Owen, Warner L. Brittain, William H. & Louise C. Green, Charles O'Neill and Robert D. Riley

    1997: Charles R. Ross, Doris G. Ryan and Robert L. & Judy Whitney

    1998: Philip M. Dubois, Georgie F. Green, Frances Pugh, Nancy Eidam

    1999: Barbara B. Cole, Anne Mears and Mary Jane Lucine

    2000: Tom Hilgenberg, Katherine Thompson, Martha Van Buskirk and Edwin W. Schlehube

    2001: John Bennett, Jr., Henry and Martha duPont, Beverly Clementsen

    2002: John and Anita Hoitsma, Bill Jackson

    2003: Robert and Patricia Brooks, Fred Herrick, Claire Murphy, Barbara Rudicel

    2004: Carol Knight, Gail Perlee, Arthur Perry, Jr.

    2005: Lee Baldarelli, Ruth Parkinson, Ray and Carol Potts

    2006: Larry A. Bolen and Robert M. Burger, Woodrow Sr. & Vivian Henry, Mona Skager

    Morgan International Competition Award Honorees

    1997: Lisa Singer

    1998: Tom Hilgenberg

    1999: Elizabeth D. Cowperthwaite

    2000: Nancy Johnson

    2001: Lisa Singer

    2002: Fred Merriam

    2003: Lisa Singer

    2004: Angela Conner Bulmer

    2005: Lisa Singer

    2006: Scott Monroe

    AMHA Honors - Breeders Hall of Fame Honorees

    2004: Anna Ela and Nancy Caisse, Margaret Gardiner, Elizabeth Power and Susan Annis, Jane Steggenhaden

    2005: East of Equinox, Herbert V. Kohler, University of Vermont

    2006: Cheri Barber, Joan L. & Rolland T. Bowers, Jennifer & Philip M Dubois, Carol D. Hudson

    Therapy Horse Award Honorees

    1994: AKland Comander

    1997: ATMF Constellation

    1998: Quaker's George Boy

    1999: Reno Masterpiece


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    ted williams with pegasus , made a carrer out of riding other peoples horses and was the only person to win the american grand prix which has never been repeated he competed along side david broome harvey smith marion mould to name a few but was not born into the horse world

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    Jennifer Sonne

    Craig Cameron

    Jim Juhl

    Jav Mercados

    All famous horse trainers thats all they do all day, what a job!

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