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quick question about the name Alessandra?

ok, my dad had a baby with his new wife 2 months ago and they named him Alexander, I'm pregnant and I'm due in January I really love the name Alessandra i've wanted this name since i was 14 but I don't want my stepmom to be like "oh your naming your daughter the girl version of alexander!!!!" I hate this woman she already ruined one name for me 'Isabelle' she has a daughter named Arabella and asked me if i was going to call her bella like her daughter.. -_-

How similar are the names Alessandra and Alexander?

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    The Italian name Alessandra means - A form of the Greek name Alexandra, which means "defender of humanity."


    It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "man's defender, warrior". From the Latin form of the Greek name Alexandros.

    So you can see that both alessandra and alexander mean almost the same but , if you like the name so much you can seriously go ahead with your choice... Alessandra is one of the most beautifull names i have come across...

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    I'm in a very similar predicament with the exact same names. Alessandra is so beautiful, and it just doesn't seem fair to have to give it up, right? If Alexander usually goes by Alex then I think the names will be far enough apart as not to be so obviously similar. If everyone usually does call him by his formal name Alexander, then this may be more of a problem calling your daughter Alessandra. I say, if he goes by Alex then you should go ahead and name your daughter Alessandra. And I just might follow my own advice. :)


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    I would go ahead and name your daughter Alessandra if you want to, since you can call her Allie or something, it's not like you will be calling her Alex. What about Alessia instead, so it doesn't sound like Alexander. If you like Isabelle better you should go with that, and you can call her Izzy.

    P.S. You should watch Father of the Bride 2. The main character is in a similar situation to you dad, because his child and his grandchild are born on the same day!

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    They are not way to similar I mean it's different if you were going to name your daughter Alexandra but don't worry it is your daughter and you have the right to name her anything you and your husband choose and you should tell her that and also be sure to include the fact that it's not like you want to name her after your dad's baby and don't worry about it Isabelle and Alessandra are very pretty girls names so don't worry about your mom.

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    Listen. I named my daughter Alexia and no one in my family liked it at first but now they love it. I could care less who has a similar name in the family because that's the name I'v also wanted for a long time.

    Please, go ahead and name your daughter's not like it's ALEXandra and even if it was who cares. I bet if you had your daughter before they had their son she wouldn't care if she "copied" you.

    PLUS, I think the name Alessandra is a very pretty name.

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    i think of that in case you're already making plans on calling her Alex, then only call her Alex. to respond to your unique question, I do like Alessandra. I wager there is only no longer 6 different little women in her classification with the comparable call. Alexandra is extraordinarily common.

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    don't worry about what your step mom thinks, it is your choice.

    you could consider Alice Sandra and call her Alicesandra or even use this.

    just be careful if you do use my first one ie Al.. Sa.... and make sure your surname does not start with a H, K, P, S and remember she may marry someone with this initial which wont be so bad but in her early life could create a problem in which case think about the Alicesandra.

    goo luck and don't let her stress you out it your child not hers.

    good luck.

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    Alexandra is the female version of Alexander so tell her to shut up and name your daughter whatever you want

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    The heck with her. She has no claim on names or your decisions. Name your baby what you want. I know a family with two Joshuas in it. So what. Follow your heart or you'll regret it.

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    who cares what one thinks, you go right ahead with what u always loved ur dad should back u on anything anyways.. as for as bella call her what u feel

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