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Why most of us Blacks keep voting for Democrats?

Carter didn't really do anything for me.

Clinton didn't really do anything for me.

Only people that really did something for us... are Lincoln and Johnson. and Bush... yes Bush... We got Condi Rice as first female African American Secretary of State. Colin Powell was first African American Secretary of State....

I just don't understand why most of African Americans are so ???.

I don't know what the word... but geez.... this is weird.

My God, what is wrong? Did Jesse Jackson tell you to Follow him.

Do we have to do everything he said we should do?


Colin is Black.

Surplus? well it didn't get rid of all of the debt.

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    It's not blacks, it's non-whites in general. they reason for this is that the republican party is know for it's racism.

    just look at this year's dnc crowd and the rnc crowd. at the dnc you saw people from every color of the rainbow. at the rnc all you saw were old,rich white people.

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    You are probably right. The Democrats pander to a wide group of special interest groups. If they win the election, there is no way the can fulfill all the promises they make to get elected.

    If we elect a good President, regardless of party affiliation, he or she will be good for all Americans. If we elect a weak President, we all lose together. We need to take a harder look at the candidates, and stop looking at the parties.

    I'm not a big fan of GWB, but I admire Colin Powell and Condi Rice.

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    Good question and very accurate point. Until late in the 20th century the Democrats were the party of oppression of Blacks. I think that they still secretly are the same as they were back in Lincoln's day. Some people like to make their fortune off of keeping minorities down so that they can pretend that they are going to help them rise to the top. That is why you see the claims of racism in every election by the Democrat party (not all of the Democrats as individuals do this).

    For the people who blame Bush for the failure in New Orleans; check your facts before placing blame. Nagan is a black man and he did nothing to help. New Orleans & LA as a whole are the biggest welfare area in the US. Many of the people did not have the finances to evacuate the area but Nagan could have used school buses if he was really concerned about his people. Nagan and the state representatives also failed to file paper work that would have brought them relief. The system failed but it was not all Bush's doing. There were many people that did not preform.

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    Most usually have issues that are addressed by the Democratic party. Condi nor Colin are/were in a position to directly help Americans on a "main street" issue. They are/were in positions to serve the president, not make policy to help the people.

    I don't usually vote a straight ticket. I vote for the person that I think will address my issues and have the most prudent answer to the problem.

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    Sad Indeed. When I had a picture of Colin Powell and Condi Rice up in my office many Blacks made faces and called them Uncle toms! What a shame when when people reject their own sex or color with so much hate! the reason Blacks and Women will struggle for decades to come

    To Lady Hannah LOL what you do not realize is we live in 50 United States and we have Laws The President of the USA cannot just walk into a State without permission! just like a Govenor cannot just walk into a city! the Mayor had to call in the Gov and it took him 3 days to call! Then another 18 hours prior to the Gov calling the Feds Grow up and learn some law moron

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    Blacks vote democrat because the right wing is very biased against them. There are several reasons why there are so many people living in poverty today but, I doubt you can blame it on the democrats when you look at the vast numbers of Southern whites who are the poorest of the poor, vote republican. The main problem is there are no jobs and unemployment is the highest since the Great depression. The USA is no longer manufacturing goods and we are flooded with cheap imports from China.

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    How is it that Condi Rice's selection as Secretary of State did something for you personally? Or Colin Powell's?

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    no your wrong, carter didn't do anything for anyone!

    and clinton left with a surplus!!!! which is more than i can say for mr. bush. ANd clinton hired the most african americans out of any president! And clinton was the first black president in many peoples eyes!

    And by the way, no matter what his skin is, colin powell is not black!

    Also, why not vote to help people other than yourself once in a while!

    edit - we had the best economy in years under bill clinton. Its been a disaster under bush! pretty much from the day he walked in the white house!!!! please look youself in the mirror and say that you would rather have bush than clinton as president!

    and by the way, you can't be black with a name like colin!

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    Bush forgot Hurricane Katrina , and I think that it was because those people were Black and poor - and he refused aid to those people from foreign countries - don't make me laugh - if it happened in LA or New York it would have been different - I am from the UK you daft get , but why would you turn foreign aid away ? they asked for it then they turned it away , what the hell is with that - further more how do we know that the money did get to the Katrina survivors - we don't - you compalin that the US gives the most , but when other countries try to give back you don't want it- sorry I am from a country that does not matter - so just ignore me

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    yes, why not vote for the party that makes fun of 'community organizers' for trying to make a difference in impoverished black neighborhoods

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