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Some glaswegian / scottish phrases?

hey! i'm travelling to the region and I'm planning on living there for a while.. what are some phrases and words i should know about... i'm from australia, so i know what its like when foreigners don't understand your slang :)

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    I would recommend that you buy a copy of a book called "The Complete Patter" written by Michael Munro and John Byrne, published by Birlinn Ltd. It will cost £4.49 new or a few pence for a used copy from Amazon.

    This book is the ultimate guide to the Glaswegian dialect, and the best investment you'll ever make, to help you learn this (almost) impenetrable language.

    Not only is it a fabulously funny read, (even to native Glaswegians) it will tell you everything you need to know about speaking like a true Weegie. Treat it as you would any phrase book or dictionary

    A lot of Glaswegians speak English too! - in fact, many of us consider ourselves to be truly bi-lingual - switching effortlessly between English (as taught in schools), and Glaswegian as the situation requires.

    Those you meet may start a conversation in Glaswegian, but will revert to English, (although it may not sound like English!) when it's apparent that you "dinny unnerstaun" (don't understand). Some of those who can speak Glaswegian ONLY, will be NEDS (non-educated delinquents).

    Neds (called "chavs" in the rest of the UK), should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, they are easily identified by their uniform of cheap nylon sports clothing - although, strangely, they never engage in sports.

    Enjoy your time in our fair city... and just to get you started's a question you might be asked when you arrive in Glasgow.

    "Wherrd'yaecumfae?" or Wherryefae?" (Where are you from?)

    Your reply might be

    "AahmfaeOz" - (Actually, I'm Australian)

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    Scottish Phrases

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    Funny Scottish Sayings

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    Lang may your lum reek - wai ither folks coal. Long may your chimney smoke - with other peoples coal. Its a braw bricht moonlicht nicht. It is a very nice moonlight light night. Kitchen bunker, - kitchen counter top Pawcies - mittens Oan yir bike - Get on your bike or get lost. Quid - a pound Face like a nippy sweetie. You have a very sour face

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    There are lots of many different phrases and words that Glaswegians use. Many of them you will already have heard, but some you may not understand. Check out these links which I hope you will find useful -

    Hope you have a great time in Glasgow. A warm welcome awaits you!

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    It would be very difficult to write down the way we speak in Glasgow - even although it IS English . Phrases like ....

    Gaun Yersel - Go by yourself.

    Nae Borra - No trouble at all.

    Ya daftie - You idiot.

    Geeza brek - Give me a break .

    Gonny no dae that - Will you please stop doing that.

    Ahm gonny batter yer melt in - Im going to hit you .

    Ahm gone oot tae get blootered - Im going out for some alchoholic beverage .

    Or even

    You look pure glakit - You look foolish .

    Ah want tae get aff wey you - I would like to kiss you : )

    Dont try to rip the pish oot ah me - dont try to take advantage of me.

    Good luck and have a great time in Scotland. Awrra best ; )

    ↨•◘•◘•↨♀♫♪$*↑bonnie ☼♥☻☺: ♥☼↑*$♪♫ Scotland ↨•◘•◘•↨

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    The Duck and Mr knowitall's answers are best.

    The kind of language you'll need to cope with will depend on where you are. If you're in the South then the Scots are (slightly) easier to understand cos they're not so heavy with the lingo. Gan up tae Lossie, Glasgae, Stirling etc and ur in a state ayy :)

    Not sure if they mentioned:

    Jakey - Scottish slang for pisshead, old waster, wino,low-life.

    Although we'll say "gan for a jakey" if we're going to get wasted.

    Ned - Non Educated Delinquent, (those kids with the trackies)

    Reed-neek - If you've got one of these it means you're embarressed

    Quine - Girl

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    have a listen to this and have a great time you will smashing place smashing people?look up for Billy Connolly on Youtube videos as I cant get connected just now?also Hen is a woman ?as in hello hen?see that bloke over there that's a guy ?

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    weegie - someone from Glasgow.

    pal - an extremely unfriendly word tagged on at the end of sentences

    heid - head

    baw - ball

    heid the baw - a crazy person

    loupin - painful

    numpty - complete idiot

    wee ned - young person with no manners/class

    bampot - crazy person

    bairn - child

    dug - dog

    mucker - friend

    jobby - poo

    minger - dirty person

    There are way too many to list here. They hardest thing to understand is the accent and the mad ways they run words into one another: "Ah wantae go tae pub"

    Source(s): My other half is a Weegie. We were together 2 years before I could understand him.
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    Okay - get ready to take notes.

    Soap dodging baste-rd - doesn't wash - always a laugh (:

    i shagged yer maw - yeah had sex with.

    dobber - penis

    ****-stain baste-rd - ahaaaa that's my favourite

    hmmm ..

    dick dome - dick head

    square go - the worst thing to here in glasgow, runnnnnnnnnn when you here that (:

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