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Legally unlocked iPhone 3G original price?

What is the original price for a legally unlocked iPhone 3G (16GB model) in $USD?

** not the ones listed on eBay and people bidding on over here:

and where those sellers get the legally and officially unlocked by apple iPhones from? if its not from the Apple store

I mean do they buy it from retailers and unlock it for worldwide use, how much that costs?


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    The only place where an Apple unlocked iPhone 3G is from is Hong Kong.

    $5400 HKD for a 8GB ($696.14 USD)

    $6200 HKD for a 16GB ($799.27 USD)

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  • 4 years ago

    LEGALLY? if you really want it legally, you have to get it outside AT&T, when i was in sydeny at launch, optus and telstra had it for $850 unlocked.... but why not get it locked- then wait for the devteam? totally cheaper that route, even after the first update, some people in europe on i believe vodafone or tmobile ran into trouble with a legal unlocked one... and india carriers are gonna sell it unlocked i believe, for $700/830 even though no network has 3g- says engadget this morning and the guy above me is wrong, the iphone is the only one customer support can't unlock at the moment- even if you're going abroad

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  • 1 decade ago

    Apple only seels the unlocked iPhone 3G in Hong Kong, you can buy it officially at Hong Kong Apple Store (URL link is below my answer).

    But you'll have to pay a hefty price, and dig deeper down into your pocket in order to bring home an official unlocked iPhone 3G.

    The unlocked 8GB will cost you HK$5,400; while the 16GB costs HK$6,200!

    Although I heard, the local stores in Hong Kong sell unlocked iPhone 3G at more decent/lower price. But unless you find a trustworthy on-line store located in Hong Kong, you must go there by yourself.

    Remember, becareful if you're about to make a deal with the chinese/cantonese. They're cunning and have plenty of tricks in their sleeves... ;-p

    The best solution is to ask a friend who live in Hong Kong, to buy an unlocked iPhone 3G and send it to you.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Use a turbo sim can do the job too

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    about iPhone 3G original price can be read in

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