why do some Christians say that Messianic Judaism means a Completed Jew?

are they saying that Jews are incomplete?

why do they condone Messianic Judaism when it bastardizes Judaism and Christianity at the same time?

one answer that shocked even me, an outsider, is this: (given by maars)

"I don't want any Jews attacking me for saying this but it's a completed Jew or a Jew who has accepted Christ into their hearts and now they read the Bible instead of the torah and go to a messianic fellowship instead of the Jewish Synagogue unless they want to please their relatives and continue going to the synagogue. (They might be hiding their true faith from their parents and siblings.)"



who do these Christians think they are to decide if Judaism is complete or not?

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    To The Asker, your question given the disperity of the tone in which you wrote your post the answer is, "any jew who follows the commandments of G-d is a completed jew" not that we who are jews go around calling each other completed jews all the time that's silly, but having said that, G-d has placed a banner from among his people Israel for all the nations to see, and they have come closer to him {G-d} by that banner, but to Israel that banner is a rock by which they {Israel} stumbles "this is Yeshua hamoshiach" which causes you to stumble because of your aposition to him this is the cause of your stumbling your rejection of him.

    Read the Tenakh it's in there now if you truly want to learn you may email me with any of your questions if you'd like too.

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    Because we see the Messianic Jews completed as they are just like the disciples of Jesus, they still believe in Him and will not compermise even within their own community and they are as bold as the disciples were in pointing out where christians have went off track in following Jesus and understanding Pauls message.

    Marcus here is your Jew and a Rabbi to boot that says Messianics are Jewish...Reform Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok>>>>>>>>>>>hummmmmmmmm more lies again from you and your cohorts

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    Colossians 2:2, 9-10

    In Chapter 1:2 Paul says to the saints & faithful bretheren in Messiah.

    The faithful bretheren are his fellow Jews in Messiah & so in chpt 2, he

    encourages them to be knit together in love & attain to all the riches of the full assurance, understanding the knowledge of the mystery of

    YHWH, both of the Father & of Messiah, in whom are hidden all the

    treasures of wisdom & knowledge. vs 6 As you have therefore

    received Messiah Y'shua the Master, So walk in Him.

    vs 9-10 For in HIM dwells ALL the fullness of the GODHEAD bodily &

    YOU are COMPLETE in HIM, who is the HEAD of ALL Principality &


    As you can see from these verses JEW & GENTILE are COMPLETE

    in HIM.

    This is a Scriptural concept, not something people sucked out of their



    Jews & Gentiles are knit together in love in Him!

    Well done LyndaLee: A person who enthusiastically promotes or

    supports something is an evangelist.

    WOW WOW WOW! There are a lot of Jewish evangelists on this site!

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    Messianic Jews may not be "jews" (part of modern Judaism, you guys follow the commandments of man, it is an abomination) but we are Israel, unlike messiah-rejecting "jews".

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    the word evangelist means this:

    Evangelist can refer to:

    one of the Four Evangelists, the authors of the canonical Christian Gospels in the New Testament;

    a leader (creative person)

    a Christian who explains his or her beliefs to a non-Christian and thereby participates in Evangelism;

    Evangelist (Latter Day Saints), an office in the ministry of certain denominations in the Latter Day Saint movement;

    Presiding Patriarch, a leadership office in certain Latter Day Saint denominations that may also be referred to as the Presiding Evangelist;

    Quorum of Seventy Evangelists, a leadership body in The Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonite);

    a person who enthusiastically promotes or supports something.



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    I was going to give a answer, however there is NO question here, of course they say that cause they see a Jew that believes as the early disciples of their Jesus! Which were Jewish also, but more slanderous lies, and ranting, and misinformation made by pagens and reform jews will be post here to drowned out truth! So I will address that. First you don't know what or who Jewish believers of Yeshua believe cause all they talk about is the christian group jews for jesus. You have the right to your opinion however that is all it is is your opinion! You do not speak for all Jewish people, as it has been proved... Now there is even a Sephardic Messianic Jewish Community formed by Sephardic Rabbi Haim Levi!! And there is Reform Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok, a Professor of Jewish Theology at the University of Wales, Rabbi Lampeter disagrees with all your statements, even to the point of saying that real Messianic Jews are not Jewish, then you have from the 1800s to mid 1900s mainly people like Rabbi Sabbati Rohold, an Orthodox Jew born in Israel, Rabbi Mark Levy, an English Jew, Rabbi Jon Zacker, a Russian Jew, Rabbi Beni Abraham are the well known names that carried the Jewish movement called the "Followers of the Way" now the Messianic Torah Observant Jews and they are not part of christianity what so ever, they are the modern day Followers of the Way that even was comprised of Torah Observant Jews, who were the disciples of Yeshua, Kefa, Matit'yah, Yochanan who started the movement that was a sect of Judaism, and even the Talmud confims this, and then you now have the 2nd Jerusalem Council the same as the 1st Jerusalem Council lead by the Jew Ya'akov is being form as we speak in Israel in Jerusalem! You have been proved wrong time and time again, The Messianic Torah Observant Jews do not engage in converting anyone, as it serves no purpose because you can not convert that which is already chosen by G-d, they do not claim Yeshua to be G-d for as their Yeshua said there is but one G-d! Also they can trace their roots back to the "Followers of the Way" and the "Notzrim" that were in fact part of Judaism in every way and counted in the minyan according to Jewish Law!! Deal with it the Talmud, Jewish History and Roman history proves it! There was no Baptist following Yeshua, jews for jesus are not Jewish at all! but those making posts and answers seem like they are giving facts about those Jews who are born Jewish and choose to accept Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah, though I do not agree with them, I don't see any of them up in arms over the Chabad Messianics, yet they are still considered Jewish when they are not if the Messianic Jew is not also! Thats like saying a Reform and a Reform convert are Jewish according to the Orthodox community and they wont even count your convert members as Jewish even in Israel, yet they will claim to speak for all jews thats funny cause the Orthodox have no real respect for the reform movement even today, Because it was not to long ago that the Reform Movement rejected ritual and ceremonial Jewish laws, such as kashrut, which reformers questioned as unnecessary or outdated for a religion based on reason, The traditional Hebrew prayer book (the Siddur) was replaced, Patrilineal descent is accepted by Reform when all other Jewish Movements disagree! Reform Synagogues began to be called Temples, a term reserved in Judaism for the one Temple in Jerusalem! Reform Jews argued that the Mishna and Talmud often contradicts the literal meaning of the Torah, and that these Rabbinic texts also contained outdated ritual practices and values that were contrary to Enlightenment ideals of reason. So you want us to consider YOUR facts about Judaism as facts at the very least one could say reform Judaism is close to the line of being heretics!! I mean look at what Orthodox Jews have often argued on behalf of Jewish traditions making claims, that Reformers are creating a meaningless Jewish identity that encouraged assimilation and fail to nurture the Jewish spirit. They accused Reformers of dishonoring Torah, and even G-d in their pursuit of the modern. Now that being said I would say one can not define all Reform Judaism as the same just because one group says one thing and another says something else, which is what YOU do to Messianic Jews so therefore if you dont want everyone to do that to you, then don't do it to them otherwise we must conclude that Reform Jews are in HERETICS! and at the least do don't follow the Torah! Anyway the point is there do exist Rabbi's who acknowledge Messianics as Jews and even a very well respected Reform Rabbi in UK at the Univ even says that Torah Messianics are a branch of Judaism as they do NOT claim that the Jew called Yeshua to be a deity, their roots and History proves it, their roots are from the followers of Yeshua, who were members of the Way movement as sect of Judaism

    Source(s): & to paperbacks claim of they were started by a baptist & have ties to jews for jesus is proven to be nothing more than a lie! Something even our own Jewish History proves they were part of us! Then there is proof that Messanic Jews were killed in the chambers along with their Jewish brothers & sisters for being JEWISH not for being christian, so when comments are made that one is not Jewish those who say that dishonor those Jewish mothers who birthed their children & to those of us who had family die in the camps they are dishonored also & I find that very disrespectful, and of course our own Talmud says they are Jewish so saying otherwise one calls the Talmud into question! I know that Messianic Jews don't convert other Jewish members or condone it if the christians or the christian group jews4jesus do. These other groups say we must renouce Judaism & that just like our forefathers is Not going to happen the Torah is our life & people dont have to agree with us just respect us for us as we do them and even the Messianic Jews agree with this and even defend their fellow jews when they see converting going on! That is all I ever say, I counter untruths & lately haven't much even done edits to people who wanna rant as they are a waste of time, Truth is there, thats why they can't comment about these Rabbi's, that work in Israel,etc, they just rant & now people see the ranting! paperbackwriter is not jewish as no Jew would act as she does in her rants, and personal insults toward others, I can't get over this who person who keeps posting questions and then to answer them herself with her own profile!! She rigs votes and will thumbs down anyone she disagrees with, 75% of all her post have to do with telling all of us who and what a Jewish person and it's rather insulting ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! I'm just a old Orthodox Jewish woman
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    Sheer arrogance. They feel that their's is the only "true" religion and are especially upset that people who practice the same religion that Jesus was born into continue with the same religion that Jesus was born into instead of following Jesus. Despite efforts to destroy Judaism over the past 2,000 years by either killing or converting its followers, we persist. Looking at their failures over the centuries, a new tactic emerged within the last 100 years or so but has only recently gained attention and acceptance by many Christians--the "messianic Jewish" concept that says Jews can accept Jesus and still remain Jewish. That is, of course absurd. However, if it serves the purpose of turning Jews into Christians (even though they call themselves Jews) they don't care about the deceit. But what they did not expect is that the vast majority of the so-called "messianic Jews" were never Jews to begin with. But that is OK with them because as the numbers of 'messianic Jews" grows they feel it will help draw more young and naive Jews into becoming Christians without realizing it.

    No Jew on earth accepts a "messianic Jew" as a real Jew.

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    So by that 'logic' - MORMONS are 'Completed Christians'?

    Judaism needs no 'completion'. MAARS is well known in this forum for her patronising and at times downright hateful remarks - only this morning she stated deceitfully: 'jews hate christians' - and I reported her for doing so and told her I was doing that.

    Some Christians have such an arrogance towards Judaism, it is astonishing. They are, quite simply, DELUSIONAL. They actually believe THEY get to REdefine Judaism.

    Of course, any sane person knows that Christianity does not get to define JUDAISM. Christians have tried doing it for over 2000 years - and never succeeded.

    Today, *some* Christian missionaries have found a new way of trying to convert Jews, though. These Christians go round posing as 'messianic jews'. They try and convince young, naive Jews that they 'can be jewish and worship christ' - which is a big fat LIE.

    Spiritual fraud, is what we're talking about, simple as that.

    My teenaged cousin was on the receiving end of an attempt by Messianics to do this - she remains dreadfully upset as a result.

    Judaism was a complete, fulfilled and fulfillING religion for THOUSANDS of years BEFORE Christianity even began evolving.

    I call on ALL decent Christians to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED by joining their Jewish friends in PUBLICLY CONDEMNING the tactics of these evangelists.

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    Those Xtians are arrogant,insulting yet laughable in their ignorance..

    There's no such thing as a messianic Jew,you're either Jewish or Christian..One can't be both!

    As for being incomplete,that's ridiculous & Xtian BS again..Makes me wonder are those Xtians so insecure in their belief they need to convert ALL Jews to validate their belief? Forget it..

    We've been around for centuries despite the crusades,inquisition,Shoa & will continue to be without Jesus!!

    Orthodox Jew

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    Because they cannot conceive that any other religion could possibly be complete without Jesus. It is this thinking that has, in varying degrees, caused the physical and spiritual deaths of people.

    Think about the Inquisition - it was, for the most part, about spreading Christianity throughout the world and let's not forget what a party guy that Torqemada was!

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