Chem(seprate of c60 and graphite)

Suggest and explain how you would differentiate two samples of

black powder, one of c60 and the other of graphite by a physical method



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    Method A

    By checking their electrical conductivity

    C60 is a poor conductor of electricity

    Because (1) carbon atoms in C60 are sp2 hybridised

    unhybridised pz orbital can overlap with other carbon atoms in the same C60

    However, sp2 hybridisation requires a planar arrangement

    ∴ the delocalisation in C60 is poor.

    (2) the force between C60 is Van der Waal's force.

    ∴ no/ very poor delocalisation between the C60.

    While graphite is a good conductor of electricity

    Because of the delocalisation of pi electrons within a layer.


    By mass spectrometry

    C60 : a very sharp peak at 720 m/e

    graphite : a very sharp peak at 12 m/e only

    no peak at 720 m/e

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