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2.hang in there

3.hit the road

4.scare someone to death

5.take a break

6.in shape(out of shape)


8.check something out

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    1.notebook :

    A book of blank pages for notes.

    A light, portable computer that is generally thinner than a laptop.

    ex: I got a new notebook.

    2. hang in there:

    to continue despite difficulties

    ex: You shouldn't be too strict to her work just need to hang in there and wait.

    3. hit the road :

    to begin traveling

    ex: I'd love to stay longer, but it's really time to hit the road.

    4.scare someone to death:

    to make someone feel very frightened

    ex: She suddenly appeared in the doorway and scared me to death.

    5.take a break:

    A short or period rest

    Ex: you should take a break as you are working too long.

    6.in shape (out of shape) :

    keep the body in good condition and health

    (out of shape)

    change or loose of body appearance

    ex: Plenty of exercise will help you keep in shape.


    A steep descent of water from a height; a cascade

    ex: The river came pouring down in a waterfall off the hill.

    8.check something out :

    To ask someone to look at or examine something closely

    ex: Do you want check this out?

    Source(s): my dictionary
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