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隨和王 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請問英文片語get on 的用法以及它的英文翻譯?

get on 有上車的意思跟進展的意思



然後get on有哪些相似字呢?


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    get on釋義 同義字/反義字

    ph. (片語 phrase)


    Everything was getting on very well.



    He's sure to get on in the world.




    Additional data indicate that proactive coping contributes to greater perceived motivation to get on with one's life.

    After moving from Cambridge to London her efforts to get on the spiralling property ladder were described.

    A passenger shall get on and get off a conveyor at designated areas.

    A call to get on a directory could return an error, or produce a file containing a listing of the contents of the directory.

    And our purpose here was to design the proper breakwater systems in the event that we would get on-deck green water.

    Although our target price suggests a higher rating, we first need to see the Company get on a firm financial footing.

    And then it lay and it wanted me to get on its back.

    And what you do is you get on a scheme and make a bit of a noise.

    Also the government should get on with developing the Yucca Mountain high-level waste repository in Nevada.

    And there I was again, wondering how I thought to get on another bush plane.

    Analysis of the projects reveals a need to get on the ground quickly, but then take the necessary time to prepare.

    Also, when my child is ill and I have to stay at home, it's frustrating that I can't get on with some work.

    All were very easy to get on with and from a teacher's point of view they were the best students I ever had.

    All the IOBs along the top and bottom edges can get on to the low skew routing resources directly.

    And Patricia would just get on the phone and call volunteers.

    還有十分的多 我給你網址 你可以去看看 很好用!可是是簡体的喔!

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