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1. LED 燈具應使用於室內環境,不得使用於無遮蔽之室外空間

2. 確認燈具的安裝狀態,安裝是否牢固、電源接線是否良好,檢查燈具是否有落下,造成無法點燈之虞。

3. 安裝LED燈具時,確認燈具與燈座是否完全崁合

4. 操作環境溫度必須介於-10℃~40℃,濕度小於85%。

5. 貯存環境溫度必須介於-40℃~85℃,濕度小於85%。

6. 避免於高溫、高濕度處使用本產品

7. 不適用於高髒污空氣之環境

8. 更換燈具時,為避免發生危險應先關閉電源

9. LED燈具設計將熱源由元件導出在散熱機構而後藉空氣對流,有效地將熱傳導出來,在傳導中,定會產生熱能,請於購買時一起評估此機制。

10. 不適當的將燈泡扭轉入燈座,會將燈泡或燈座弄損,請小心旋轉燈泡

11. 燈具的清潔度依材質的不同,表面加工部分:以質材柔軟的布輕輕擦拭,避免用質料過粗的紙張擦拭。可使用微溫水以柔軟的布將污垢抹起,放置於陰涼處,使其自然乾燥。

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    The LED lamps and lanterns should use in the indoor environment, do not use in not having of outdoor space the camouflage


    Confirmed that lamps and lanterns' installment condition, installs to be whether reliable, the power-supply wiring to be whether good, inspects the lamps and lanterns whether to have falls, creates is unable to light a lamp the risk.


    When installs the LED lamps and lanterns, confirmed that lamps and lanterns and lamp holder whether 崁 to gather completely


    The operating environment temperature must be situated between - 10℃~40℃, the humidity is smaller than 85%.

    5. The storing ambient temperature must be situated between - 40℃~85℃, the humidity is smaller than 85%.


    Avoids in high temperature, high-moisture place use this product it


    is not suitable for high sully environment of air


    When replaces the lamps and lanterns, is avoids having the danger to close the power source first


    The LED lamps and lanterns design derives the heat source by the part in the radiation organization then affiliation air convection, comes out effectively the heat conduction, in the conduction, will decide will have the heat energy, please in purchase when appraise this mechanism together.


    Not suitable reverses into the light bulb the lamp holder, makes the light bulb or the lamp holder damages, please careful revolving light bulb


    Lamps and lanterns' cleanliness depends on the material quality the difference, the face work part: Cleans gently by the nature material soft cloth, avoids with material excessively thick paper cleaning. May use the micro lukewarm water to wipe by the soft cloth the dirt, lays aside in the shade, causes its natural drying.

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    1) LEDs are only suitable for indoor lighting and should not be used as outdoor lighting where no cover is available.

    2) Please ensure that the fitting as well as the wiring are properly installed, and that the wires are in good condition. Do check for any faulty components within the fitting, in which case it may not light up.

    3) Please ensure that the various components are entirely fitted with the lamp holder when installing LED fittings.

    4) The processing environment should be between -10℃~40℃ of temperature, with a humidity of less than 85%.

    5) Store in an environment between -40℃~85℃ of temperature, with a humidity of less than 85%.

    6) Avoid using product in environments of high temperature and high humidity.

    7) Unsuitable for usage in environments of high air pollution.

    8) Disconnect all power supplies when changing fittings in case of hazards.

    9) LED fittings are designed to eject hot air via its ventilating system by cross-ventilation, whereby it would inevitably produce heat. Please take this into account when purchasing the product.

    10) Please take care when fitting bulbs into the lamp holder in case of damaging the bulb or lamp holder during the process.

    11) Cleaning depends on the various materials with which the fitting is composed of. For the manufactured surface please use cloths of soft texture, avoid friction with rough materials. Using soft cloths rinsed in mildly warm water should be sufficient in ridding dust and grime. Avoid direct contact with sunlight and let dry naturally afterward.

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