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Do all Asian men really have small penises ?

I know "small" can be a subjective term. But i mean compared to the average, which we all know is about 6'' when erect.

Id like to hear from perhaps some Asian men , or women who have dated Asian men.


Anon.J .. I want 1st hand information, and personal experiences.. not google links.. kt hnx

Update 2:

BS... if your sick of 'penis questions' , quit searching 'penis' in the toolbar , and answering them. It's not that hard (no pun intended)

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  • Fungus
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    1 decade ago
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    In most cases it is true.. You see in pornos..its like tiny.

    Here are in order of largest penis.:

    1. Native Americans

    2. Africans


    4. Hispanics

    5. Asian/Indians

    Well i am asian/south american/russian but more asian genes and im approx 22cm when erect. So in this case it is not true but also cause i am mixed

    • atothej3 years agoReport

      I also like shorter girls. Which has worked to my advantage .. 4 ft 11 to 5 ft 3.
      But like penis' vaginas also vary, from.depth to walls etc.
      But I realized I'm able to wax it and put it down way easier on say a 5ft 6ft. Tall drink of water.
      Stick to what you know and like and you'll be liked

  • Kayla
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    3 years ago

    This is absolutely TRUE. And this is coming from a White girl that prefers to date Asian guys. So I have had experience with more than a few Asian and White guys. I would say Asians average 4-5 inches and White guys around 5.5-6 inches when hard. Most Asian guys are also uncircumcised, which makes it look smaller when soft. However Asian penises are extremely hard while White guys tend to be a little softer. Also, the bigger the penis, the softer it is. So big is definitely NOT better. Unless you like huge and spongy! Girth is about equal for both, which makes Asian penises look thicker. Even if I wasn't biased toward how Asian guys look, I would still prefer the feel of their penises: nice and hard, and not so long that they bump your cervix (which can be painful).

    Hope this helps!

    • Josh3 years agoReport

      Sounds like the white guys were secretly gay and couldn't get a full erection lol

  • 3 years ago

    You are asking for personal experiences so the information you get is always going to be scued. There is no conclusive evidence to prove or disprove any of the racial genitalia stereotypes. There are not a lot of scientists who can spend time and money on penis size. Not a lot of willing test subjects either. If you can get 385 people (the minimum if you want a confidence level of 95% and a standard of deviation of .5 for even a low standard for authenticity; you can look up "determining sample size" if you are confused on what this means ) of each race and all of the same general age then I take this whole post back. Even if such a study were to be conducted the results would be scued by factors such as living conditions, medical history and conditions, diet, background, and which part of Europe or Asia or whatever they came from. Asian men might not have smaller penises, maybe they do. Either way it would be stupidly complicated to provide a concrete answer.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Do all Asian men really have small penises ?

    I know "small" can be a subjective term. But i mean compared to the average, which we all know is about 6'' when erect.

    Id like to hear from perhaps some Asian men , or women who have dated Asian men.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Seriously if you want a factual answer to this question then instead of asking for personal opinions which can be sceud, google some research paper on it. Sterotypes are just broad observations, and not always by qualified individuals. Unless people start pulling out rulers it's hard to say for any of the cock stereotypes because visual perception can be deceiving (things look smaller when viewed from in front as opposed to viewed from above) and expectations can sometimes hinder perceptions too. Since it's hard to conduct a credible study on cock size how about this. Don't expect anything and just see what you get?

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    This is a loaded question! I am married to a black man who is just about "10 long, he's wide as well. Prior to marriage I've dated several races, all except Asian, but I've heard my close friends express their opinions of dating Asians, some were really small...some average, some bigger...around "8. So it may just be the person rather the race. I've dated, ( not sexual with all) White, Black, Hispanic,and Native American with small ones, and honestly the ones with the smallest were the Native Americans. But I can't say they all have the smallest, because I haven't dated them all. I firmly believe it depends on the individual.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    All Asian men do not have small penises.

  • 3 years ago

    Hey, I'm an Asian male and i dont believe all Asians are small. I guess I'm small compared to 6". My length is only 2.5" and girth 3.5" when flaccid. When erect its lenght a little over 5.8" and girth 4.8". From what I can tell, I'm about average but honestly I think the average for most men are 5.5". Compared to my cousins I'm small, their about 6" and over

  • 3 years ago

    It's disappointing to say. But EVERY Asian guy I've been with has a small dick. Like under 5 inches. I've been with white, black, latino and I've seen small ***** as well, but more often than not they're bigger than small like an Asian. I've noticed that the white guys with nice stature, big hands have nice thick long and smooth skinned *****.

  • 5 years ago

    No, it's NOT true!!! Just go to the website Big Asian Men! Most of those Asian men are HUGE!!!

    • Patrick4 years agoReport

      Lol, so out of the BILLIONS of men of Asian decent, there is ONE website of Asian men with MODERATELY large c#cks, LMAO

  • 3 years ago

    Asian men are usually shorter than white or black but it doesn t mean all Asian men are short. By the same token, Asian men usually have smaller penises but not always.

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