Convert 3.77mm^3 to cm^3?


can you put it in scientific notation

Update 2:

oops i put the wrong question.

this is what i meant

Convert 3.77 X 10^4 mm^3 to cm^3

Update 3:

so the answer should be 3.77 * 10^3 cm^3 right? Im asking this because I answered this on a test and got it wrong. The teacher said the answer was 3.77 * 10^1 cm^3. Isnt that wrong?

Update 4:

thanks dark magician

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    The person above me is incorrect. While to get from mm to cm you would divide by 10, since we are in mm^3 to cm^3, we cannot assume the ^3 will cancel out

    you need to divide by 10 x 10 x 10 (10^3) to get cm^3

    3.77 x 10^4/1000 = 3.77 x 10^1. Your teacher is correct.


    Another example. If you were converting from mm^2 to cm^2, you would divide by 100 [because it is 10 x 10].

    when in doubt, write down the units, it always works.

    3.77 x 10^ 4 mm x mm x mm X [1 cm/10 mm x 1 cm/ 10mm x 1 cm/10 mm] = 3.77 x 10^1 cm^3 [mm cancels out]

  • 1 decade ago

    3.77 mm^3 = 0.377 cm^3

    from 3.77 mm^3 to cm^, just move the decimal point to the left one place (or divide 3.77 mm^3 by 10)

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