How many cops actually get tickets and or arrested per year in Ca?

I live in California and am told there is about 83,000 active law enforcement in my state. I want to know how many (if any) have been sited. I've seen cops do a lot. Everything from drunk driving to talking on a cell phone while driving. Is there anyone who cares about holding them responsible for their actions. Or have we just given them free reign to do as they please.

In live in a county where cops don't even listen to judges. There has been multiple cases where judges have ordered the police to give back wrongfully seized evidence after people have been found innocent. The police have ignored the orders. Somehow that's where it ends. What would send me to jail they do without consequence. Where does it stop?

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    "How many cops actually get tickets and or arrested per year in Ca?"

    I have not seen a stat on that. If it's tracked, check the FBI stats on their website.

    Source(s): California cop. (not ticketed or arrested...this year)
  • 5 years ago

    1/300 people of working age in the US are policemen or women. 4.5 people out of every 100 under 21 are arrested every year (Source

    What is the chance one of them are police personnel??

    The chance of a policeman or woman being arrested is equivalent to 1 out of 100. (Source: Washington DC had 23 policemen arrested in calendar year 2012)

    That means as a US citizen and a non-policeman, you are approximately 450% more likely to be arrested than a cop.

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      4.5 people out of every 100 under 18 that is**

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    It sucks living in a police state huh...Cops are usually only as good as the laws they uphold see where I am going with this...THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT!

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