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NBA PG Question - HOF Material - Buy or Sell?

Does Anyone think Sam Cassell is grossly underrated in his career. I mean he never gets recognition he was a big part of all the 4 championships he has been a part of. The first 3 he was a 2-3 option and in Boston he gave them added depth on the bench.

Not only this, but he was wrongfully kept out of the All-star game for many years. Until, he got to Minnesota and he changed the winning culture on that team and put in the All-star game.

I mean he is a big time player and a culture changer everytime he has been traded to has improved not only a little but greatly.


New Jersey Nets - Where terrible had never made a playoffs in the NBA. Cassell came and they won 43 games and lost 29. A year before that the Nets were 24-48. He did this w/o much talent and although they were trampled in the 1st Round by MJ/Pippen and the Bulls the fact they made it shows a lot.


SG. Kerry Kittles - Alright, but one-dimensional

SF. Keith Van Horn - Very one-dimensional

PF. Kendall Gill - ehhh

C. Jayson Williams - Good, but not much offense

6. Lucious Harris - ehh

* When he was replaced by Marbury the Nets never again reached playoffs until Jason Kidd.

Milwaukee Bucks - Had a first round playoff team, but a very talented and explosive offensive tandem in Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson. They also had Tim Thomas, but never seemed to get far in the playoffs. Cassell's 1st season there they made it to the ECF losing in 7 to the 76ers. They were one game away from Finals and the Lakers and they had a better chance than Philly cause Allen Iverson had to do everything.


SG. Ray Allen

SF. Tim Thomas

PF. Glenn Robinson

C. Ervin Johnson

6. Rafer Alston/Michael Redd

Minnesota Timber-Wolves: Before, Sam I Am the T-Wolves never got higher than a 7th seed and never got passed the 1st Round. When Cassell and Spree came in they not only advanced past 1st Round, but made it to WCF losing in 6 to Lakers. T-Wolves faired better to Pistons than Lakers and it would have been closer series than 4-1 if T-Wolves went to Finals. T-Wolves also had 1st seed this year.


SG. Trenton Hassell

SF. Latrell Sprewell

PF. Kevin Garnett

C. Michael Olowakandi

6. Wally Szczerbiak/Troy Hudson

Los Angeles Clippers: They had two 20+ PPG scorers in Elton Brand and Corey Maggette and they were complimented by versatile talents in Darius Miles, Keyon Dooling, Quentin Richardson over the years and just plainly sucked and missed the playoffs. They had not been to a playoffs series since Ron Harper/Brent Barry and Larry Brown days. Sam Cassell in his 1st year there made them second in their division under Phoenix. Making it not only the 1st time they made it to the playoffs in awhile, but the 1st time they finished w/ a better record than Lakers. Also, it was the year Clippers won their first ever playoff series over the Nuggets and were one game away from the WCF losing in 7 to Phoenix. Cassell was the heart of the Clippers.


SG. Quinton Ross

SF. Corey Maggette

PF. Elton Brand

C. Chris Kaman

6. Shaun Livingston

Cassell is the ultimate impact player in NBA history and does not get recognition he deserves. He is the best post up pg I have ever seen its like he thinks he is a center lol. Cassell has career averages of 15.7 PPG, 6 APG that is better than Mark Price and other PG's deemed HOF material, so why cant Cassell be a HOF?

He is very underrated and still obviously has it. This year in LAC he averaged 12.8 PPG and in Boston 9+. This averaged to 11.2 all at the age of 38. I say he is Top 15-20 PG's of all-time.


Lol The Alien thats funny. I do not think he is the greatest player ever. But, as far as PG's go.

Jason Kidd - No Rings, Never a feared scorer.

Mark Price - No Rings, not that great of passer

Cassell and Nash have the same career stats. Cassell has a rings. 19+ ppg, 8+ apg Cassell had many years, like this so did Nash.

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    he had 3 ring

    15-20 pg of all time that cracked me up

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    CP3 Westbrook Rondo Rose Williams

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    i just love how you think that ALIEN is the greatest ball player ever

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    HOF idk i lean towards for underrated major buy

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