Russia & Venezuela (Latin America) trying to shake us?

So what's up with Putin and that jerky Venezuelan Pres? They are doing ballistic missile tests and joint military exercises, being assy and cryptic? So do they want war or what?



Do not throw dirt on American's names. I asked once for educated, respectful answers... don't be a dick.

Update 2:

Yeah um, I did not imply Russia was a part of Latin America- so obviously you are the daft one. I put L.A AFTER Venezuela.

ALSO, Wiseguy, I never implied Venezuela represented the whole of Latin America. So your intent to stiff me on knowledge has failed.

End result, you are the ignorant one =]

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    I try to remain optimistic and I believe both countries you mentioned know their limits since there are so many things going on that a war would cause a lot of trouble anyway. Venezuela is not strong enough to go against the U.S., they just want to scare people and Russia cannot do whatever Putin wants either...just think about Georgia and how the NATO, the U.S. and the EU stood up for the rights of Georgia against Putin knows Russia is alone. In fact Russia could very much shake Europe but not the US because Europe has to rely on Russia's oil supplies. It is crucial for Russia to keep up the relatively peaceful diplomatic relations with the U.S. I do not think we can expect a war from any of those countries. If there is a problem, it will be in the Middle East. Russia is not gonna attack the U.S. That's for sure.

    I think Mario totally misunderstood your question. I do not think the OP indicated any of the things he brought up. But Mario is right that every country has the right to keep up an army. What is wrong with that? If the U.S. can have lethal weapons, how come other countries cannot? Who guarantees that the U.S. will not use them while other countries will? Do not get me wrong, I do not agree with ballistic missile testing but the U.S. also has ballistic missiles and in fact the U.S. is setting up a new shield in Central Europe. So doesn't that indicate the U.S. is preparing for a war?

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    First, Russia is not part of Latin America. Second,Venezuela do not represent all countries under Latin America. Third remember that every country own an Army. So they should prepare for any event.

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    Here is a real answer for you. The American punks did a lot of talking and now they may get their asses kicked...or incinerated. The Americans have become too uneducated, lazy,etc. and the rest of the world wants revenge...or a chance to give the US a taste of its own medicine. Already America is collapsing and even the Mexican lettuce pickers won't save it.

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