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Which of these names do you like???? I really don't know what to choose! :D?

I am due in about 4 months with baby twins, and my boyfriend and I don't want to know what the babys are until they are actually born.... Sooooo.... we came up with these names for boys and girls that we both agree on. We want to narrow it down to 2 for a girl, and 2 for a boy. Other suggesstions are appreciated.... (no Nevaeh 's please!) (no Aiden 's either !) Thanks a bunch!


Kendall Mary-Anne

Avaline (Ava) Olivia Margaret

Aimee Yvonne Sarah

Meridith Trinidad Lauren

Charity Brooke Jordin

Bridget Quinn Christina

Christianna Pauline Kara

Riley Dominica


Matthew Thomas Brock

Jordan Marcus Thomas

Anthony Evan Grant

Jack Reagan George

Christopher John Timothy

well, please rate these! my boyfriend and I may get married soon, so the baby's last name might be O'Neill..... :) thankx!

2 babies on the way!!!


Obama'08 - I like some of your names, but they sound kinda gangsta and prissy.... just a thought!

Thanks for all of your comments!

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    Oh my goodness, I hate the name Nevaeh too, I dont see why it attracts people.


    Kendall Mary-Anne - I like the name Kendall ,but i would pair it with Margaret.

    Avaline (Ava) Olivia Margaret - Way over used, and the name is UGLY. I think Nevaeh and Avaline (ava) fit in the same category. I would just name her Olivia Margaret, its prettier and well suited for everyone.

    Aimee Yvonne Sarah - I dont like Aimee or Yvonne, and Sarah is plain jane.

    Meridith Trinidad Lauren - i Love Meredith Lauren, but not Trinidad.

    Charity Brooke Jordin -NO, please, no.

    Bridget Quinn Christina - very cute

    Christianna Pauline Kara -ugly. 'nuff said, try Kara Pauline.?

    Riley Dominica- NOT Dominica.


    Matthew Thomas Brock - I like this alot!

    Jordan Marcus Thomas -no.

    Anthony Evan Grant -no.

    Jack Reagan George- CUTE!

    Christopher John Timothy- Only if you call him Chris. Christopher sounds like its said by a speech impaired.

    I like Jack Reagan George, but i like Jack Regan best. w/o George.

    i like matthew Thomas or Matthew Brock, but 3 names is a bit much.

    Name two girls Meredith Lauren and Kendall Margaret.

    so here it is:

    boy/girl: Jack Regan & Meredith Lauren

    girl/girl: Meredith Lauren & Kendall Margaret or Mattie Noelle & Dacy Marie <3, SO CUTE!

    boy/boy: Matthew Thomas & Jack Regan

    I really hoped i helped alot!

    EDIT: i HATE the names Jaden and Jasmine. PLEASE do not name a poor child these.

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    Avaline Olivia Margret

    Christianna Pauline Kara

    Matthew Thomas Brock

    Anthony Evan Grant

  • Christopher John Timothy

    Jordan Marcus Thomas

    Christianna Pauline Kara

    Kendall Mary-Anne

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    Riley Jordin

    Charity Brooke

    Jordan Marcus Thomas

    Jaxon Reagan George

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    Kendall Mary-Anne- I like the name Kendall, it's really up to date and Kendall O'Neill sounds lovely but I think Mary-Anne sounds like an old grandmother.. Maybe consider a different middle name?

    Avaline (Ava) Olivia Margaret- I like it. Ever thought about Avalon.. If not, how would that be pronounced. Ava-line or Ava-lean? Olivia's nice but Margaret sounds old too lol

    Aimee Yvonne Sarah- I really like this one. It's unique and pretty!

    Meridith Trinidad Lauren- I like this except for Trinidad. Isn't that a country? Like Trinidad&Tobago?

    Charity Brooke Jordin- Aww... that's so pretty!

    Bridget Quinn Christina- Very nice... definitely consider this one!

    Christianna Pauline Kara- I like Kara but not Pauline and I think Christianna is a big long winded.

    Riley Dominica- I have a nephew named Riley so I wouldn't go for that with a girl. And Dominica makes me think of Dominic- also a boys name.


    Matthew Thomas Brock- Aww.. Matthew O'Neill. That's so nice!

    Jordan Marcus Thomas- I know lots of Jordan's so I personally wouldn't name my child that.

    Anthony Evan Grant- Evan Anthony Grant? I just prefer Evan to the others.

    Jack Reagan George- Definitely do this! Jack O'Neill, like from Stargate lol.. I love it!

    Christopher John Timothy- I like! Little Chris O'Neill. Sounds adorable already!

    My personal choices would be Jack Reagan George and Avaline Olivia Margaret!

    Good luck!

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    Avaline Olivia Margaret


    Christopher John Timothy

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    Aveline Olivia Margaret

    Anthony Evan Grant

    Although, if I can mix and match..

    Meredith Aveline Margaret or Mary Margaret Aveline

    Evan Marcus Anthony or Evan Anthony Marcus



    Jane (so underused as a first name now)













    Brigitte/Brigitta (brih-GEE-tuh)





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    Bridget Quinn & Matthew Thomas. <3

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    girl/boy: Ava Christianna & Anthony Christopher

    girl/girl: Ava Christianna & Brooke Dominique

    boy/boy: Anthony Christopher & Jackson Mark

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    a million Callie excitement (in my opinion i might blend them and make it Callie Adeline) 2 Caelan 3 Macy excitement (what approximately Macy could?) 4 Brooklyn 5 Madeline Callie (whether it cant be reported the way u choose spelled that way; attempt Madeline Caillae) 6 Rebeccah wish 7 Clara Leigh 8 Ryan Lee (Lynn doesnt sound ideal for a boy)

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