What is wrong with America today?

On this site all I see is people trashing each other on their views about the presidential candidates.

Another thing is how people are only for one party, Democrat or Republican.

You can lean towards one way, but to be like one is right and one is wrong, in my opinion is just ignorant. I'm not for McCain or Obama.

I feel neither is the answer to our current problems, neither of them is stepping up and showing that they are a true leader.

But when I talk to Democrats or Republicans both are intent on saying that their presdential pick is going to be the next Messiah, the one to save America.

No one is perfect, and to say that either one of these candidates is just comes off as ridiculous to me.

I feel anyone can be right if they can support what they say with actual reasons, not just what the TV told them or what they read on barackobama.com or johnmccain.com, both of those sites are extremely slanted towards that particular person, as everyone says they know, but no ones seems to be actually doing any actual research.

When I want a question answered about one of these candidates issues, I look up at least 10-20 different sites, history on the issues, getting many different takes on the issue, and then I work on separating fact from ficition, something most people don't want to do anymore. They just take the TV, or the candidates word for it.

In my opinion, as I said earlier, neither one of these candidates are the answer to our problems.

As a 16 year old, half black, lower class american, who has been on welfare (I included that so people can't call me racist or say I have no idea what I'm talking about or I'm just rich and don't know any better, common stereotypes found to be associated with both parties) I feel Obama's tax plan, take from the rich and give to the poor is unfair, also socialized healthcare doesn't sound like a good idea from what I've read on the issue and history and other countries who have it in their society, I also feel like his past and lack of experience are something to question.

I feel like McCain isn't all he says he is, that Palin isn't the best choice for VP, that some of his plans aren't necessarily good for America, but in the end I would vote for him just because I find that he is the less of two evils.

I also feel like Welfare is a big issue that neither have really addressed, I think it needs to be reformed because it's not helping the majority of people, it's enslaving them in my opinion, and I'm sick of the people who are saying "It's for the greater good" Have you seen how it affects the children? Have you seen how it affects the people?

I'm not trying to say DON'T VOTE FOR OBAMA he is evil, I'm trying to say why have Americans just stopped caring enough to pay attention to anything. Like thinking that the media actually presents the facts and what they say is always true. Why have we just taken for granted our right to vote. Are right to think, are right to look up the issues and actually form opinions.

Basically my question is what are you views and why?

I want some discussion, not trashing or ignorant answers, as both candidates have been doing.

*And I know this is extremely long but I wanted to put my views out their and then hear yours. So sorry about that.


Why don't you believe I'm a 16 year old?

Because I have actual opinions, because I actually look things up, because my biggest concern is what happens to the world I'm in and not the next time I get to go to Hollister?

I'm a 16 year old, I attend IB, I'm currently in all AP classes, I'm working my ace off so I can get ahead in life.

Maybe I act a little too mature for the world I'm in. But a lot has happened in the world I live in that has made me question how it is run.

It's ridiculous that you can't believe I'm a 16 year old because I chose to believe in what I think is right and not what everyone else is doing. I'm not a follower, I wish more of America was like that.

I wish more of the teenagers were educated. And had actual opinions....

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    Jossy- you are a very astute young American.

    I am a constitutionalist like a Libertarian

    and taking from the rich to give to the poor is called

    RE-DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH and it is a socialist ideal.

    Political correctness is also a terrible thing for America, because it is religion based. A religion in Man. Whether you believe in God or not I think that You and I can agree that Humans are corrupt and it is only natural to try and take care of yourself by whatever means.

    I do not trust men and that is why it is up to us to hold them accountable.

    I too have been on welfare as a poor skinny inner city white kid back in the 70's and welfare is a tool to keep people dependent upon "handouts" by the Government developed in 2 parts

    part1--it gives the government the beneficial vote of the recipiants

    part2--it is completely paid for by the citizens and produces a surplus that can be used for other enslaving social programs

    Im in the military and there is a sort of social health-care in place for soldiers. Some times it takes 6-8 hours to be seen for a common cold. If social health care is so great... why do you never hear of someone flying to the Soviet Union for a breakthrough surgery? Because all the Doctors come here! This is what makes the USA the great country that it is.

    We went from ox-carts to Landing on the moon in 200 Years!!!

    "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." - Benjamin Franklin

    The most promising method of securing a virtuous people is to elect virtuous leaders.

    "Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of his country who tries most to promote its virtue, and who ... will not suffer a man to be chosen into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man." - Samuel Adams

    The proper role of government is to protect equal rights, not provide equal things.

    The highest level of prosperity occurs when there is a free-market economy and a minimum of government regulations.

    Prosperity depends upon a climate of wholesome stimulation with four basic freedoms in operation:

    The Freedom to try.

    The Freedom to buy.

    The Freedom to sell.

    The Freedom to fail.

    "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations -- entangling alliances with none."- Thomas Jefferson, given in his first inaugural address.

    Ive included a website please look it up, do some research and educate others. You are on the right track

  • RudiA
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    Someone has to be voted into the office, and the only promises as I

    see it that will be kept is when what they say actually has happened.

    Remember America has had many years of problems some since

    Bush has been power, and there is no quick fix and it will take time.

    The problem is that the campaigns keep telling the people what the

    other is not going to do and and how much better they are than the

    other and the ignorance of the people listen to that instead of judging

    just what each candidate says that will help the country. As a

    army veteran of 22yrs, I am also sick and tired of the american

    people listening more to the negative remarks by each party instead

    of studying the candidate and paying more attention who has the

    better ideas, remember all said are ideas only, and have to be im-

    plemented when elected. We can not give up all together as America

    needs a big change to start being a world leader as far as a country

    goes so we have to have someone in power that will not only help the

    country out but also the people. What I am paying attention to is who

    is more of talking about what they will do for the country rather than

    who is talking more negative about one or the other.

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    Thank you,

    You have given me hope for our future.

    This is a geat counrty and socialism is not going to help it at all.

    I to am disapointed with both candidates and I to think McCain is the lessor of the evils.

    What makes this country great is that we can make our own decisons, we can work for ourselves, we can opt to work for someone else. If that does not pan out we do have asistance and we can develop a way to support ourselves but should not stay on assistance long term. We cannot give up the Bill of Rights, or our Freedoms that is what makes this a great counrty.

    What I think has happened is the dumbing down of Americans through cheap money that is actually worthless. We can survive and we must rebuild to an extent but all is not lost, this is no time to give up and accept socialism. Socialism has never been the answer.

    It is the free market economy that has always made this a great country and has kept its people free also.

    We must continue to be able to make our own decisions whether they be good or bad. We cannot give that control to government and in socialism government takes the ability to do that away. Even social programs are designed to keep people poor. There is a reason for that also. The reason is that it is easier to win votes through promisses that way. Those who promiss do not want indviduals to prosper or they would loose control. That is bad, it is the people who must remain in power and not the government.

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    To your first question my answer is that the same thing is wrong with the US as with most other countries, just in varying amounts. Its unfair to Americans to isolate them, as if there were a perfect country somewhere. We are humans, far from perfect. We fall for political propaganda, we are greedy, we are violent, immoral, beautiful, intelligent, innovative, generous and everything else that can be said for people.

    As far as our political system is concerned, I think we're too big. How can one system supply adequately for 300 million people? We need to give more power back to state governments and keep the federal government as small as possible. Those standardized tests you have to take in high school are designed to apply to 100 million students. How does that make you feel? Do you think the government is spending an adequate amount of time devising a test for you? Are you just a sheep? No you're not, but thats how you get treated by a federal government that has to take care of 300 million people.

    Neither party is going to legislate themselves less power or money. I'll let you take that however you want.

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    What's the flaw of a true capitalist system? Why can't it work? Well, there are no protections. In a dog-eat-dog world, there's always going to be the haves and the have-nots. America is much closer to a true capitalist system than any other industrialized country. Taxes are comparatively low because the social safety net is weak. So, when someone is sick and can't work or becomes unemployed for an extended period and have few options, they sometimes turn to a life of crime to support themselves or to drugs to escape their reality. Look at a country that DOES work: Canada, Sweden, Germany: These countries have high taxes but the unemployed and sick are taken care of. Drugs and crime exist, but they're much less of a problem because the government has in place effective systems of dealing with them. Also, American Justice is an oxymoron. The penal system in the USA is geared for one goal: revenge. We hate robbers and drug users and murderers and rapists so we lock them in prisons with other hard criminals. This makes a bad situation much worse. Once the person reemerges into society, he or she has become a much worse criminal and the vicious cycle repeats itself. You want to know what's wrong with America? Complacency in politics! The American public could go out and vote out the lousy scoundrels who perpetuate this nonsense but it never well. Complacency. That's the name of the game.

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    A Civil War nearly exists between the religious believers and the non-church goers.

    No matter what politician or party you follow your Religious affiliation or lack or religion can dictate your beliefs.

    The Religious seem to be more Republican, and the non-Religious more Democrat or Independent.

    American Society today is really fragmented into two separate groups, the Red States and the Blue States.

    In the Red States gun owners go to church, drink beer, watch car racing and football and vote Republican.

    In the Blue States, non-religious folks are more open to living in alternate lifestyles other than 'Beaver Cleaver' 1950's white, rural norms of the past.

    The differences are so striking that these groups can endlessly argue their opposite beliefs.

  • I'm 14 and ive been asking the same question. americans are lazy. they could say whatever the hell they want when they get up there to go debate, and people who like obama will beleive whatever he says, and vice versa. except i get screamed at and told i dont know what the **** im talking about because im white and upper middle class. one of my best friends said they werent doing so great and they needed the money. i told her that she could get a job and help out, or she shouldnt have spent her money on a $1700 macbook. that didnt go over too well. she just wants free money. i like mccain more, but i dont think hes god or anything. hes better than obama though. just saying change doesnt make everything better. and youre right about the tax cuts, its socialism. and itll bring the economy down the tubes. itll take the money away from the wealthy investors who will keep investing and not let the stock market freeze up. otherwise, its all downhill from here.

  • Ingrid
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    What is wrong ? Just about everything you can think of and therefore we need some drastic changes. Greed has taken over and is destroying us and delivering us into the hands of foreign - not so friendly - countries.

    I support Obama. However I feel that we should have at least a third Party. If the first two do not represent us per majority wishes, reel the 3rd one in.

  • Anonymous
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    I'm an American and I'll tell you bluntly. Americans are idiots. Yes we are idiots. We have gotten so caught up in stupid meaningless things like spinners, rap music videos, Miley Cyrus, that we have completely forgotten what is important. For America to change, we need to demand our representatives that they vote towards our benefit, not towards unions, not towards lobbyists, etc. The only way is for every one to get up from their butts and start to do something about it. Demand that those freakin CEOs get fired and pay for their poor judgments! Also, people need to become educated. The one reason why politicians have outsmarted us is because we, especially parents have failed to make our children successful. There so many little things people can do to make this a better country, but Phil Gramm, but it best, we are a nation of whiners and do nothings. DO SOMETHING about it!

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    People say im wasting my vote because i am voting for a candidate othetr then Obama/McCain but your really doesnt matter, it isnt going to change anything, the best thing you coulod do is vote for who you really believe in, but most people only look at tyhe two candidates and puick one, nothing will ever change if people continue to vote for a Rep/Dem every year

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