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what is this song title. verse says, "so to bed, good night". it's an old tune. Can you write a verse of it?

Use to listen to it on KOA Denver on the "At Home With Larry Cox & Wilbur" radio program.

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    (Mack Gordon / Harry Revel)

    George Olsen & His Orch. (vocals: Ethel Shutta & Paul Small) - 1932

    And so to bed

    I pray for the good Lord to bless you

    So to bed

    In dreams I will fondly caress you

    For in dreams

    You're near and yet so far

    I reach for you

    But you're not there, my darling

    So to bed

    I leave you for dawn is ascending

    So to bed

    Your kiss is the night's happy ending

    We'll meet again tomorrow

    When the moon is soft and low

    So to bed


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