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In my dream, my eyes changed color?

I had this dream where I was standing in front a mirror and me eyes ( in real life, they're green) changed from green to this really deep, ocean blue. What does it mean?

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    It means that although your eyes are green which is a colour that represents envy your true nature is really a spiritual, warm person and this is reflected in your personality.

    Wear colours and make-up in blues and enjoy the energy of your true colour.

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    finally, i got here across it. "The Dreamer's Dictionary" by woman Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett. undergo (that is supposedly undergo no longer bare.) in concepts all of us have diverse interpretations of our objectives, because all of us have a diverse subconscious. I regarded up 'eyes' Eyes - unusual or disembodied eyes in a dream are seen a prediction of an quite constructive replace of activities quickly to come back. To injure your eyes, get some thing in them, or be in the different case worried about them is a caution that someone is attempting to trick you in a employer affair. If the major characteristic of your dream change into the large aspect about the eyes, that dream is telling you that you'll be able to assume the straightforward love of those who be counted to you. Crossed eyes are a fortunate omen for money be counted, yet a squint, forged, or different illness is a caution hostile to a bootleg love affair. Animal eyes are a demonstration of hidden rivalry or jealousy on your close circle. quite large and/or huge-open eyes in a dream characterize an inheritance. Blue or mild eyes mean a sparkling friendship; darkish eyes, a sparkling love affair. i'm no longer positive if the blue on your dream could fall lower than the blue of a sparkling friendship or the blue of a sparkling love affair. good success!

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    It means you wished you had blue eyes? I wish I had green eyes. Lucky girl!

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    well do you want your eyes differents colors like ocean blue....cause it could be that

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