who were the founding fathers of colonial virginia?

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    King James I had outlined the members of the Council to govern the settlement in the sealed orders which left London with the colonists in 1606.

    Those named for the initial Council were (alphabetically):

    Bartholomew Gosnold, Captain of the Godspeed

    Christopher Newport, Captain of the Susan Constant, later of the Sea Venture

    George Kendall

    John Martin (later founder of Martin's Brandon Plantation)

    George Percy, later two-time president of the council

    John Ratcliffe, Captain of the Discovery, second President of the Council

    John Smith, third President of the Council

    Edward Maria Wingfield, first President of the Council at Jamestown

    The Council received additional members from the First and Second Supply missions brought by Captain Newport. These were:

    Matthew Scrivner (First Supply)

    Peter Winne (Second Supply)

    Richard Waldo (Second Supply)

    Also notable among the first settlers was:

    Robert Hunt, chaplain

    Chaplain Hunt gave the first prayer at Cape Henry on April 26, 1607, and held open-air services at Jamestown until shelter and a more appropriate church were built there.

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    Jamestown was the first settlement in the Americas and was led by John Smith.

    Here is a website that describes the founding fathers of Virginia:


    Hope it helps :)

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