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How do I tell if a perfume I buy is the real deal?

I wanted to buy the Diesel - Fuel For Life (Fragrance for men). It costs around 45 GBP from their website, but a perfume store in the local mall has it for 35 GBP.

Any tips? They look pretty much the same, and the shop looks great, with a lot of other branded perfumes for men and women.


Cologne, perfume. You know what I mean.

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    Well first off, if you buy perfume and you are a guy you already got ripped off.Because guys wear cologne not perfume.

    If you shop at a legitimate mall like Macy's or Bloomingdales they have real cologne.Don't worry about it. They are a multi-national conglomarate I don't think they would want to hurt their rep selling fake stuff.

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    Just go to the store to buy it! You can't go wrong with that :)

    answer mine?

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