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how do you kill a ghost?

every time i'm alone at my house i always see this dark shadow {not my shadow} and he only comes when i'm alone he gets close to me and then goes away

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    There is one way that I know of that is effective to "kill" a ghost but in order to do it you have to be a psychic vampire. You would need to absorb the spiritual energy from it. The problem then would be to rid yourself of the energy without allowing it to combine with your energy. Becoming a psychic vampire is actually not that difficult but being good at it takes time and practice. If the shadow that you see is not a ghost but rather one of the entities from the spiritual dimension, the same procedure is also effective.

    Contacting a priest or one of the various "Ghost Hunters" that one finds online could be interesting but probably not effective. The result may be that you agitate the situation and can expect aggressive response, especially if the entity is from the "outer darkness" or what is also referred to as a "shadow person". This predominantly depends on cultural considerations.

    One would be better to contact a Shaman of either Native American or Celtic path. They have traditionally the experience to deal with either ghosts or other spiritual entities. This may also be a problem being as there are many who refer to them self as shaman but have no deep knowledge or experience with things of this nature. As an Iktomi Shaman that also walks a paralell Celtic path, prior to taking any action, I would ask why you would want to "kill" it? This is an extreme response just because he "gets close" to you. Even if you wanted to drive it out of your residense, simply that he exists would be considered unjust.

    Now that you can see that "killing" or driving it away may not be easy or without risk, you would probably be better served with talking to it and possibly finding out what its interests are. If you do this, be respectful and handle it as an equal. He may be approaching you as a friend or to give you some information that could be beneficial to you. If you talk with it and receive no direct answer, do not worry about it. As long as there has been no action taken against you by him, treat him as a friend. I did this for years without getting an answer although I often spoke with one of these entities. He became proctective of me and finally did speak with me as a friend. For over 30 years and having moved 1/3 of the way around the world, this friend has continued to visit me and give me information for things in my life and that of others. I have never been given any incorrect information. Often it is simply a friendly visit and we just talk.

    One other thing that needs to be asked. Is this somthing that is a recent development? If so, it may increse over the next month until Samhain (halloween) which is one of two days of the year in which the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is the thinnest and afterward it will probably decrease.

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    I'd have to ask first of all how this "being" makes you feel when it's around. Does it do anything to make you think it's not a good spirit? Just because it appears as dark doesn't mean it's evil. We here on this plain of existence tend to associate darkness with evil. Just remember, without darkness, there could be no light and vice versa. If the "being" doesn't feel evil it just startles you, then there's no reason to do anything, it could just be a guide to show you which path you need to take. Have you been wondering where you should go? What to do for a career? Things like that will call guides to you and they will show up, you just have to realize it's nothing evil, just something trying to guide you. Hope this helps!

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    If the theory that ghosts are composed of electromagnetic energy is correct, then you could probably disrupt if not destroy one using some kind of electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) generator, but that's going to be a bit impractical and probably dangerous.

    I think you might need spiritual or magical rather than technological help here.

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    how do you know it is a he? does anyone else see the ghost? you can't kill it as it is already dead. are you married, have parents and siblings living with you? if so, a discussion with them is necessary even if you are the only one who sees this ghost. there may be a paranormal organization near you which may aid you.

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    you cant KILL a ghost, its already dead.

    but if you're actually serious about this, you might want to talk to ur family about it & decide what to do. you can call a ghost hunting crew or even your priest. im not sure if its that bad? if its not harming you, then i dont see a reason to get scared or anything. :s

    hope it helps! good luck.

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    Shadow person huh. Not fun. Don't know that you can kill it but try ignoring it

  • Anonymous
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    I believe ghosts exist only in ones imagination..

    As do other gods, demons, spirits etc.

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    ghost are dead already!!!

    if u are serious and it's never attacked you try talking with it and tell it to move on.

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  • Justin
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    fire or frost. pick your poison. best way for fire is to touch it with a lit candle. best way for frost is to (if you live in the north) get it to go outside in the winter

  • Sal D
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    You don't. You get the energy to release.

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