Itchy and Dry Peeling Skin Around My Vagina?

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How come every time i don't shave my vagina for awhile as soon as i do shave the skin aroun my vagina becomes very itchy, red, and dry to the point where it starts to peel? I notice more
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It sounds like razor burn. You're shaving some very sensitive skin down there.
There are some products available for this, but I've also found that A&D ointment or a product called "Bump Stopper" from the ethnic care section of walmart works.
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  • Kc answered 6 years ago
    my guess would be the kind of moisturizer that you use, not to mention the cold weather tends to dry skin more and shaving probably just irritates it, I would take it up with an OBGYN, I bet it's nothing but best to get a real doctor to check it out. I know sounds like a lot of fun.
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  • Iā™„Heath answered 6 years ago
    When you shave there, you are exfoliating the area. I would apply body lotion around there too keep it from peeling.

    Good Luck!
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  • KelseyMichelle answered 6 years ago
    probably because you dont use shaving cream down there. don't use shaving cream though, none of us do. Use soap when shaving. It's probably jst dry skin.
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  • Jay S answered 6 years ago
    Try eating more olive oil. Also, use an aloe gel to heal the skin before you shave.


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